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Polygraphy and design



When designing printed products, we proceed from the idea that modern printing should be performed at the highest level of quality to be memorable and bright, and invoke positive emotions. Memorability is especially important in the development of printing for business, as success of a project highly depends on the way the advertising materials are designed. Our work is based on the philosophy of "design as art."


Yellow Blue Media Group designers have a vast experience in creating complex printed projects, master at knowledge of modern materials and technologies, and use different combinations of those while designing the products. Our portfolio includes successfully completed projects created with the use of rare designer paper, jewelry, electronic devices, metals and plastics.




Our capacities allow to produce high quality printed products that will satisfy even the most demanding customers. Quality control system guarantees a 100% successful result. We treasure our reputation and we are motivated to keep long-term business relationships with our clients.


We use modern production equipment, apply materials of professional quality and technologies of leading suppliers of European brands. We accept the projects that demand high percentage of manual assembly and special manual handling, such as artificial aging of the material, bonding of foreign material, creation of crumpled texture, etc.


We create products of any complexity – from businedd cards to unique products that go beyond the traditional printing.

We offer the following products:


- Art books, brochures, booklets, leaflets, flyers;
- Branded diaries individually branded layout;
- Business cards, letterhead, signature folder (paper, cardboard, plastic, folders-corners), envelopes (all formats);
- Flyers, cards, invitations;
- Calendars, Flip calendars, quarterly calendars, table and pocket calendars;
- Paper bags, plastic bags;
- Posters.


The quality of our products answers to the highest demands. It retains its shape and attractiveness for a long time. Our products helps in getting the best results from the advertisement campaigns and product presentations.




We guarantee the highest quality of our products. The price of the design is calculated according to the customer’s goals and complexity of the order. The price of the production is also calculated individually and depends on the circulation (the bigger is the circulation, the cheaper a single copy gets), on the amount of printing, postpress and assembly technologies used, selected materials and other components.


Printing is a difficult and complex technological process. The result depends on each action during the process. That is why we have special standards developed for each stage and keep to a strict production logistics. You can place an order or inquire on the information needed via the phone or by mail.


We’ll be glad to become your trusted partner who delivers a high quality printed products.

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