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Online reputation management

Reputation management on the Internet is one of the important tasks for famous people. SERM (search engine for reputation management) is meant for discovery, removal or replacement of negative information from the search engines to positive or neutral.


The purpose of such reputation management is a long-term management of your  image. Why do it? For example, TV talk show will cease to exist if it doesn't have the reputation and audience. Nobody will come to the concert of pop artist no one will come if he has no fans - and reputation. Recording studio will be closed pretty quickly if it does not have a positive reputation and customers. As you can see, to make money and become famous you need some baggage. You need the back-story that will make people trust you.


Online reputation management helps attract attention and create a certain image, which ultimately leads to higher profits.


Our main actions are aimed at continuous monitoring of the references to the client on the Internet, the suppression of negative information in a variety of search engines. We also will create and support your positive image.


Why should you use the services of Yellow Blue Media Group? Because we love challenges and we know what we are doing. We develop an exclusive strategy of reputation management based on the client's personality characteristics and other factors, for each of our cases. All customers are unique for us - after all, to succeed in show business you do need to stand out.


We are constantly online in order to control the information flow and  if necessary  erase the negative feedback, replace it by a positive or neutral, reduce the visibility of websites where you are shown in the bad light and, on the contrary, increase the visibility of positive comments. We also offer spreading the positive information on the Internet.


We will present you with a monthly report containing all the work dynamics so you'll be able to see and monitor the progress we've made.


With the help of YBMG you will get the deep and comprehensive analysis of your online personality. You will also get the answers to the following questions:


1. If your brand is being actively discussed on the Internet then how many references do you get on the first page of search results.


2. What topics related to you are the most interesting for the audience.


3. Where can the negative reviews about you be found, how many of those are there and which of your qualities are causing this negative reaction.  


4. How to deal with negative information and what do you need to do to improve your reputation.

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