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Music videos promotion

What does a musician need to do in order to become popular? To promote his or her new single? To remind the audience about his or her existence?  Or, maybe to reach both these goals?


The answer is simple - create a compelling video. Seeing is believing, so a video gets much more chances to become viral than a song without visuals. Trust us, good visuals can help you sell any song.


Today the possibilities for music video production are so great that we can proudly pronounce - we can fulfill almost every dream in our videos. If you want the world to see your work and, more importantly, love and appreciate it, contact us immediately and we will make it happen in no time!


Sometimes talented people do not know how to promote their great works and sell them to the outside world. And this is exactly where we come in. Create your masterpieces and let us take care of the technical details.


YBMG will gladly promote your movies, music and music videos - anything of your liking. Our company has a lot of professional and talented music programmers, SMM-professionals and image-makers.


We will make sure that your video swill get to the top hits on YouTube and iTunes, attract new fans on social networks and lead to the growth of your offline fan base. The longer you hesitate, the more chances you waste.


Nowadays there are dozens of platforms where you can promote your songs, but the number of competitors is growing, too. You need to hit all these platforms hard in order to succeed. You need a strong presence on national websites, blogs, online radio and video channels. Do not forget the Internet and its vast marketing possibilities, too.


And now we would like to share some secrets to making your video more compelling to watch.


Your first task is to pique the viewer's curiosity in first 15 seconds, otherwise he or she will close it and move to something else.


Second task is to create unique and high quality content - that applies not only to your video, but also to your website, email listings and pages in social media.


And the last but not least is communication. Always follow the comments and react to the feedback you are getting. It will give you a grand opportunity to correct your strategy, ask questions, and thereby improve the quality of his work and perhaps find new ways to develop.

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