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Mass media monitoring

If you want to create a compelling image, correct the existent one or learn what people think about you, the YBMG's mass media monitoring services are a right choice for you.


Mass media monitoring can become an important tool for determining which of your words and actions are putting you in the positive light and which ones threaten to ruin your image, and it is vital to find professionals who will help you gather all the information necessary to make the right choices.


We use the most innovative technologies to offer you deep, thorough and comprehensive analysis of your public persona, allowing you to shape the correct strategy that will elevate your best points and hide or diminish the weak ones.


We will make sure you can predict the strategies of your competitors, learn from them and leave them behind.


With our help, you will be constantly updated about every important piece of information on the Internet concerning yourself, your new image, songs and events. You will have unlimited possibilities for constant development.


Knowledge is power, and knowing and understanding the situation in your niche fully and comprehensibly, you will be able to rise to the heights unimaginable.


Mass media monitoring is one of the most popular service among those YBMG offers, and all of our clients are greatly satisfied with the results they receive. So will you be if you contact us and let us handle all the issues of mass media monitoring for you.


We offer our clients the comprehensive analysis of local, national and international media. We include around 10 000 information sources from printed and online media.


Here's three reasons why you should hire YBMG for handling your mass media monitoring affairs:


- We are responsible and precise. You get the exact data you need, without any informational garbage, right when we needed. The deadlines are sacred for us.


- We are very flexible. Let us know what you need and we'll adapt the sources and reach of our monitoring to fit your demands. Pricing depends on the options you choose and is extremely flexible, too.


- We are pleasant to work with. Our reports are detailed and professional yet easy to comprehend, and we are always ready to offer you any help you might need in perceiving them.


To help you make sure our company is exactly what you need, we also offer our new clients a week of test monitoring.


Try it and you won't be disappointed!

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