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Concert announcements

In order to gather stadiums of fans chanting your name, you need a right promotion. Without a campaign that will inform people about your concert and pique their interest just enough to make even those who aren't your fans yet purchase a ticket, you cannot succeed.


That is why YBMG has launched the service dedicated to commencing the concert announcement campaigns which will help make every singer we work with a star - and if he or she already is one, we will assist in boosting his or her popularity to make it sky high.


Before starting the work on the client's concert announcement we commence a thorough study of our client's targeted audience and adapt our strategy accordingly. We use unique approaches for different types of audience, as the factors such as age, gender, location and even interests have a great influence on the means of promotion we are going to use during the campaign.


For example, in order to interest the younger audience we hit the Internet hard. We work in the most popular social media, announce several contest to create the buzz around the event. With the older audience, we focus on the offline means of promotion, making it more physical and personal by the traditional means of advertising, and for an online campaign choose platforms which are more popular with the older people.  


The individual approach to each and every one of our clients is YBMG's strongest point. You can trust us completely to create a unique and high-quality campaign that will make your concert the event of the season.


We will work hard to make sure your event won't go unnoticed, using all the means possible. Our professionals have a great experience in the field and a record of highly satisfied clients. And we have no doubts our cooperation will be highly successful and mutually beneficial.


Do not hesitate to contact us and start your rise to success!

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