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Animation creation and development

We create professional animation, cartoons, animated adverts, public service announcements, promotional cartoons, viral videos, multimedia presentations, animated greeting cards, free cartoons, flash games, banners, and videos.


It is extremely important to be represented in the visual segment of the media market if you want to succeed in show business.


Before we start working on the animation we will need the following information:


1. Description of your idea and the brief;


2. Specifications;


3. Additional materials.


Your brief may actually be short and written in free-form but it must contain information about the purpose of the video, its targeted audience, country, place and time of the broadcast, your expectations concerning the viewers' reaction (emotional component). If you can provide us with the examples of works you like (and the ones you absolutely hated) it will speed up the process greatly.


Under the term specifications we mean the size of the file, frame rate and audio quality. All the materials can be complemented by a logo, brand name or monogram, also by some photographs.


A good script is the key to creating a successful animation. Our writers take each project very seriously. The team of two to five people is developing the script and discusses the idea.


Writing the script usually takes from 4 to 12 days. Time depends on the size of the project, the execution time of the animated film and the development budget.


Creating a character is an extremely creative and painstaking process. It demands the participation of the  professional artists - creative people who invent and develop every trait of your future hero.


Photoscript is a sequence of images that helps in the creation of films, animated films and advertisements. It is basically a technical process, but also an integral part of the animated film.


After the approval of the script we make the sound recording for the animated film. This is necessary for the lip sync and for the animatics creation.


Animatics are based on the sound recording and photoscript project. In other words, black-and-white images are brought to life and the customer can already see the draft version of the animated film.


Before the creation of the background artists work on the creation of unique major and minor characters, their movements and situations they face. After this stage is complete they start drawing the background images that will surround the characters throughout the film.

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