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Political consulting

Our services on the turnkey basis:


Development of a complex program and ideology of a political party (civic movement);


Electoral staff formation and staff recruitment for the campaign;


Methods of effective advocacy work with the electorate;


Psychological analysis and image correction for the politician, candidate or party;


Comparative analysis of political competitors’ images;


Analysis of the psychological ways of influencing the electorate;


Methods of counteracting the opponents’ propaganda, neutering the destructive political technologies (black PR, etc);


Methods of counteracting the administrative resources if it is used;


Specifics of organizing the large-scale political actions and performances;


Specifics of work with different social categories (youth, elderly people etc);


Development of the system of overcoming the negative attitudes and stereotypes of the targeted audience;


Methods of forming the positive attitude to unpopular political decisions (actions);


Psychological analysis of all kinds of political advertising (content and design of leaflets, posters, articles, texts of public speeches, commercials, etc.);


Specialized research of media texts, party programs, other materials;


Speechwriting, preparation and psychological analysis of the texts of political speeches;


Each service is provided on the strictly individual basis. That is why we assemble a team or several teams of highly professional specialists for each task.


Write or call us and we’ll gladly answer all the questions you might have. 

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