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Mobile application development

We develop mobile apps for iOS


How do we develop your app


- We analyze your technical requirements and help in filling the gaps.


- After studying your demands we create specifications, assess the risks and divide the project into stages.


- Then we create architecture and design while keeping the documentation up to date.


- Then we start developing the project stage by stage. After each stage you receive the test version of the app.


- We test your product at the end of each stage. Then we conduct the final testing.


- We possess all the needed instruments. We use them to test your product and successfully eliminate any mistake.


- If your product is ready, we publish it in App Store and offer you our recommendations on the updates, maintenance and support.


We also offer mobile apps for Android


How we work with you


- We start with analyzing the demands and filling the gaps. All the documentation you have is extremely important.


- Then we create the technical specification and define the stages, plan the development process.


- Development begins with architecture and design. We constantly update the technical specifications so it’s always up to date and contains all the newest changes.


- Then we start developing the project stage by stage. After each stage you receive the test version of the app.


- We test your product at the end of each stage. After all the stages are completed we conduct the final testing.


- When the product is ready we publish it on Google Play or/and any other Android store.


- Then, if necessary, we discuss further updates, support and maintenance. We’ll keep your product fresh and interesting.


Mobile app support


YBMG is a client-oriented development company. After the product launch we carry out maintenance and support:


- Minor updates, fixes and improvements;


- Adjustment of product performance;


- Support for the use of web services and applications;


- Product documentation;


- Computer equipment for eliminating errors.




Our professionals can consult you on the technical aspects of the development, testing and quality control, project management, user interface development, and can help you in making it come to life. If you are working with us on the mobile app development, you will receive consultations free of charge.


Depending on your needs, we can offer you planning, development, testing and consulting services separately.

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