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Mass media monitoring

What is the media monitoring, why do you need it and what results can a politician get from it? We will be glad to give you the answers to these questions.


Yellow Blue Media Group offers you a constant monitoring of media – on the daily or weekly basis depending on your preferences. If you are an average citizen who does not have to be aware of everything that happens in the world then you do not need such a service.


However, it is vital for a politician or a civil activist who would have hard time if faced with a necessity to constantly monitor the news, separate important facts from the informational garbage while at the same time doing their work.


We will be more than glad to free you from this burden by offering you our services.


Today media monitoring is the most affordable and most effective way to process a large amount of information needed to get the data you are interested in, find out the reaction and attitudes of society to certain actions, omissions or events. With this type of data collection, you can build a successful political image and achieve your goals.


YBMG offers the advanced technology in order to commence the media monitoring on various levels. The average number of information sources involved in our review of audio, video, print and electronic media is about 10 thousand. We monitor the entire media world, including USA, Europe, Middle East, Russia, Ukraine and other former Soviet countries.


There are obvious advantages to order analytical reviews in our agency. Our work will be mutually beneficial. Our experts are correct and scrupulous, punctual and accurate. We will keep our professional eye out for every piece of information you need. Any information is subject to repeated testing and refinement. Therefore, the accuracy of our reports provided to you is 99.99%.


Another advantage is our mobility and flexibility. You can choose the desired monitoring options by yourself. You can choose language and writing the frequency of reports, scope and types of media to be monitored, keyword lists and sources - it all depends on your needs. Payment, respectively, may vary.


We also provide a trial mode for a period from 1 to 7 days so that you can see the quality of our work by your own eyes.

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