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Corporate design

Proper design of the blog, video channel, account, or group of pages interface in social media must take the peculiarities of community's appearance from the user's perspective into account. This moment is one of the most important when working on your account, a page or group on any social network whether it's Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.


That is what we are doing on the web. We develop branding, i. e. we modify the appearance of the page or group so that it will be interesting for the user, will encourage him to enter, and return again and again.


Some people believe that since the community's functionality is simpler compared to the websites, designing its interface does not affect its performance. In practice, it does - in social networks people also have certain behavioral patterns and principles of perception of visual information. Accordingly, similar to the usability of websites, you should also pay attention the usability and social media communities - forming interface the optimal way.


The more attractive is the appearance of your account page, group or community, the more likely it is the users will like or follow you. Of course if the user is interested in information you provide.


Nowadays every social network includes hundreds of thousands business and personal pages, so new ones simply "drown" in that mass. And in politics recognition both by appearance and by name and biography is crucial. Therefore, planning your social media strategy is mandatory for the success of the general public relations campaign.


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