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Caricatures, cartoons, parodies



A human mind perceives graphic images on the level of familiar imagery; visuals are perceived faster than text. Funny illustration attracts more attention and gives the additional possibilities in building the associative lines in every political campaign. And regardless of the characteristics of the image created (bright or pastel, large or small, expensive or cheap), it has to be relevant to the chosen strategy and to perform the assigned functions.


There are several principles to be considered during the illustration creation and its further use in the electoral campaign:


First, the image or illustration should be used wisely (you cannot exclude the relevance factor) – you shouldn’t pick an image simply because it is beautiful or interesting. Each image that is used in the composition of the poster, leaflet or design, must add to the general perception and raise the viral effect of the said instrument;


Second, if the graphic image is combined with the text, you shouldn’t allow it to draw all the attention to itself. The color of the illustration is extremely important (different color schemes can either attract or appall the viewer, thus influencing the effectiveness of the image’s performance). It is also important to consider both the stylistic solution of the illustration and the psychology of the imagery perception; the associative array should be perceived as a whole, both image and text.


A caricature, funny or satirical image can and must attract attention. The image transmitted must be easy to comprehend and interesting (preferably the interest should not be limited to the first eye contact).


Yellow Blue Media Groups offers the services in creating caricatures, parodies and cartoons in classical “by hand” techniques (pen, ink, paint etc.), computer graphics (2D and 3D), and by methods of modular installation and clay application.


If you have any additional questions, our professionals will be happy to provide you the answers. Call or write to us – we await your requests, questions and suggestions!

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