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Website development and promotion

Website creation


There is an interesting trend in the niche of website creation: every web studio is capable of creating cheap websites which are always in high demand. But creation of a high-quality websites with a developed structure is a prerogative of professionals, and very few truly know how to do it.


Of course, every company can make a website costly by simply demanding an astronomical figure for its work. We are talking a completely different level, meaning complex websites, such as: 


- Multi-level information portals


- Multimedia Internet Media


- Social networks


- Postal Services


- Online Games


- Online Casinos


We can also create corporate resources for major media outlets – with a lot of service solutions, two-tier structure, outer part intended solely for the visitors, and the inner part that will become a working environment for staff, accessed by only chosen ones. Not to mention that it can also be multi-level.


To create a complex website, you need an experienced and creative team that will devote itself solely to your project without working at other websites at the same time. We have a vast amount of professionals, both broad profile and single-skilled specialists, starting with managers who work with clients and ending with programmers and designers - all of them highly qualified professionals.


We are not baffled by challenges. We revel in them because they give us an opportunity to show our skills.


Since the client usually needs the project to be completed as fast as possible, we start working on several levels at the same time. However, do not fear misunderstandings and bugs: the work is strategically structured and the project is inspected for compliance with the original plan at every stage of production.


We guarantee:


1. We choose right platforms and technologies. This is important since todays’ decisions might not work as well tomorrow, so you need a room for maneuver. Our choice of platforms and technologies is always based on goals and resources of the client.


2. We develop the most convenient and intuitive interface. Building a pretty website is not enough to make it successful, it must also be easy to use; a person that visits your website must intuitively feel where to click to get the desired information.


3. We follow the deadline and the work schedule.


4. We offer high flexibility. If standard elements do not fit with your website, we will easily and eagerly create new tools from scratch.


5. We offer individual approach. When it comes to websites with high load you need that so that both parties are satisfied with the result.


6. We are always honest. We will never undertake the projects we are unable accomplish. However, we haven’t faced such projects yet.


7. We have reasonable prices. Our website are complex and high-quality, and yet they are available.


8. We provide further support. We never abandon our partners, you can always trust us to support the website, and be sure that it will be done neatly and timely.


With each new project fulfilled we add another satisfied customer to our portfolio, we grow our experience. We create exquisite online resources for exquisite customers, and if you need some extraordinary decision in the field of website building, then we will always find the best way to turn your dream into reality.


Website promotion in search engines


Website Audit


Before you begin to promote your website, our technical experts will audit your site to determine the opportunities for advancement and timing services. There are a number of reasons that make website promotion impossible or hinder the process. The main reason may be the fact of website being filtered by the search engines due to some mistakes made by the developer or SEO specialists. Promotion also depends on domain’s age and the niche it is going to compete in.


Query selection


Our media planners and technicians will select the most suitable queries for optimization. Usually the client already has a list of queries he or she would like to optimize. We, for our part, analyze requests based on statistics and make appropriate adjustments, coordinating them with the client.


Cost of website optimization


We can calculate the approximate cost and time needed for website optimization, if provided with the information necessary. The cost of optimisatin depends on competition in the niche and frequency of requests. Terms of promotion depend on the on the domain’s age and link mass that must be increased. The younger the domain is, the longer it will take to promote it. The higher the competition is, the higher is the link mass needed for optimization. To build up sufficient mass can take a long time since a fast link building can lead to a ban in the search engines.


Website code optimisation


In order to make search engines view your website preferably, we offer correcting the code of your website. It is a necessary prerequisite for further optimization. Search engines analyze websites from the point of view of an average user: they pay attention to the website's header, sub-headings, value and richness of keywords that are relevant to the search query, the general perception of the website. If you try to make the most user-friendly website, then consider the requirements of the search robots.  Our technician will conduct a full audit of the site and create a list of recommendations.




If you have trouble with writing texts or you simply don’t have an appropriate specialist, we are ready to assist you in this matter. Our copywriters will collect all the necessary information about your industry and prepare high-quality texts based on our recommendations and your initial query. After you approve the text, it will be posted to your website and then promoted.


Website promotion


When code optimization is completed, we will proceed to link mass building. It involves creating a maximum number of links placed at third-party websites and gradually increasing the total number of links leading to the promoted website. Links are usually formed as working queries. To create links we use articles written by our copywriters and include the needed links into the text. These articles are posted on various niche websites. While choosing the websites our specialists are very demanding about their adequacy and technical parameters. This type of promotion is considered more reliable by customers and is easy for search engines.


Holding the acquired position


After result is achieved and your website gets to the top search results, we will put a great effort to hold these positions. The Internet is changing rapidly, and effective yesterday’s decisions may render useless today. Our professionals will continuously monitor the website and check relevance of the link mass to sustain the result achieved. Even a single new competitor appearing in the top makes us react immediately and put new efforts into guiding your website back to the top. Without a continued support website will gradually lose the achieved position.


Dear friends, should you have any further questions or you simply want to receive a consultation from our professionals, don’t postpone the issue – contact us right now. We’ll gladly answer any of your questions!

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