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Viral videos

 Yellow Blue Media Group offers professional help in creating viral videos of any type:


- Social


- Political


- Business


- Show business


Our works are always of the highest quality and perfectly match the customer’s demands. We also possess an individual style and always keep a critical approach to the matter that helps in forming the viral interest of the targeted audience. This approach allows us to fully implement all the specifications needed for creating a viral video.


The main peculiarity of a viral video is the need to motivate a person who watches it. This message is often hidden. Urging the viewer to a certain thought or action is a main goal of this creative media approach.


Our professionals put a lot of effort and time to conducting the briefings with the clients and brainstorming sessions. At this stage, we determine the ways of presenting the main idea of the video, which is crucial to the video’s success. We discuss every detail: the timeframe, technique, special effects used, original ideas to the script and montage, social or political acuteness or the ways of attracting the customers if the video is meant to be a commercial one.


YBMG professionals rely on their rich experience in media sphere. Creative and technical potential of our company is growing constantly and rapidly. We sustain transparent and professional interaction with the colleagues from our niche and professionals from media.


We never copy others nor go for stereotypes or let ourselves be provoked. Our company offers unique and creative ideas that are able to attract sincere interest and engage fans of different media outlets.


One of the keys to our success is a well-organized working process.


Together, we will fulfill several key stages:


1. Creating a Brief


You describe us the aims and objectives of your project in full detail, elaborate on the technical requirements and your wishes.


2. Developing Ideas and Concepts


Based on the brief, we offer you several creative concepts and possible video mechanics of their implementation.


3. Writing a Script


After you approve the initial idea, we pass it to our skilled writers who create a detailed plan of the events that are going to happen on the screen.


4. Client Approval


You go through the script and introduce the desired changes so we can start the shooting.


5. Video Production


We create your unique, vivid and memorable video.


Movies with original ideas and interesting plots spread rapidly among Internet users, allowing you to reach more audience than ever. Of course, if they are really creative and posted on relevant Internet sites. We are ready to provide you both with videos and help in their promotion.


Feel free to contact us!


We are always open to your questions and suggestions.

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