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For almost six years, YBMG offers training via long-distance programs. During this period we have obtained a huge experience in organizing long-distance training: commenced thousands of lectures, dozens of courses and trainings. We’ve switched several studying formats and five educational systems.


Since the world of Internet technologies is changing rapidly, we actualize and supplement the programs, offering the most complex course on SMM and Internet marketing.


1986 students, including the representatives of 17 digital marketing agencies, 29 printed media and 4 broadcasting companies, already completed our courses.


We already have:


- 750 pages of text lectures;
- 150 hours of video;
- Automated testing system;
- Tasks for independent work;
- Development of skills, not just the study of the theory;
- Support and answers to questions;
- 6 years of experience in teaching SMM;
- 2500+ graduates;
- 1000+ hours of webinars and 25000+ participants;
- Clients from 19 countries.


What is the format of our classes?



Video presentations, webinar recordings and tutorials are shown on the screen.


The forum is used for communication between the students and for operational coordination.


Any theory is useless without practice. That is why after each lesson we give each student an individual task to develop the needed skills. We also offer tests that allow to validate the knowledge obtained.

Some tasks are to be completed in groups. Students evaluate the work of other teammates themselves.

We have specially prepared educational material in such a way that everyone, regardless of their level of knowledge, could easily master the most complex aspects of internet marketing.

LARGEST COURSE IN SMM and Internet marketing
More than 500 pages of educational materials, dozens of hours of video, audio and recorded webinars. We have so much material that we guarantee that even working 3 hours per day will not be enough to finish the course in two months. But do not worry - all topics are independent, you can choose the most relevant, study them and immediately implement in your work, and then move on to other related topics, which also, of course, will be extremely useful to you in the later stages of your media business or professional career in the media sphere.

If you have any further questions, please contact us and we will be happy to answer.

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