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Social media marketing is an invaluable tool for a media outlet struggling to gain viewers and raise to the national level. In the beginning of 2016, the total amount of Internet users accounted for 3.17 billion – and that’s out of 7.3 billion total of Earth population.


More and more users join social media platforms – for example, did you know Facebook gets 500,000 new users every day?


There are also around 1.6 billion mobile social media accounts. No wonder, that in order to become successful your media outlet needs to create a right promotional strategy on Facebook and Twitter – that’s where most of users get their news from.


Keeping your social media accounts alive while also doing your actual work – delivering news and analytics, and running the main website - can be a tough call.


That is why you need to leave this difficult task to people who will be glad to lend you their professional expertise and make sure your information is delivered to your targeted audience. This way you can forget all your worries and dedicate yourself to creating the high-quality news and analytics.


YBMG professionals will be eager to help you with promoting your media outlet on all the main social platforms. We equally possess the experience, creativity, and the latest technologies that make us a killer combination. We will help you conquer the media realm.


The first thing you need to do is to determine your goals. You need to answer two main questions: what are the results you want to achieve and what is the ultimate goal (i.e. reaching the national level, surpassing the main competitor etc.).


As soon as you done with that, we will start analyzing your media outlet, your niche, the main competitors and the targeted audience. Based on these data, we will tell you how we will achieve the desired results, which social platforms will be used for your promotion and when you’ll get the first results.


We have all the necessary skills to help you succeed. We have hundreds of clients pleased with our services. We have several secrets that will make your SMM campaign unique.


Contact YBMG in order to start a successful and mutually beneficial cooperation!


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