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For a media outlet, PR-campaign is a key to succeeding in promoting oneself and raising its visibility in the Internet and offline.


To create a successful PR-campaign you need to understand it’s a lengthy and complicated process – with many tasks to cover and multiple goals to achieve.


PR-campaign is much more than an ordinary advertising campaign, which can be one of its elements, though.


A comprehensive and effective PR-campaign consists of several key elements:


- Creation of a compelling image of your media outlet and its sustainment;


- Reputation creation and management;


- Building up a core audience of loyal viewers.


YBMG is more than capable of creating a highly professional PR-campaign that will help you achieve all the goals you set before you.


We divide the PR-campaign into the five stages: preparation, strategizing, commencing, and the analysis.


You need to take into account the fact that the proper PR-campaign might take from several months to several years – depending on the goals you set before you and the complexity of the task at hand.


In order to build a truly effective campaign it needs to include five necessary elements:


- A thorough and professional strategy;


- A wide variety of means used. You need to combine traditional means of advertising with new and revolutionary ones.


- Enough time to proceed. The average length of a PR-campaign is one year;


- Comprehensive approach;


- A sufficient style that will unite all the events and measures into a one complex and professional picture.


YBMG will gladly take on the responsibility of creating the best PR-campaign you have ever seen. Contact us to find out more!

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