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Everybody wants to know people talk about them, but are you ready to hear the truth? Knowing that your competitors are more popular on Facebook or Twitter, or people engage with their news more, is invaluable for understanding your mistakes.


YBMG is here to provide you with the full and comprehensive analysis of the social media and the competitor websites.


We will show you what you’re doing wrong – and offer our professional help so you can correct your mistakes and emerge from the unpleasant situation victorious. Our experienced and highly trained professionals will gladly give you the recommendations on how to surpass your competitors and engage your targeted audience.


Our monitoring services include:


- Comprehensive selection of materials, cleared from the so-called information noise;


- Filtering the materials based on the relevance of the source (with the most relevant ones on the first page and in the order of the decreasing importance);


- Filtering the materials based on the subject of the said monitoring (from it being the main topic of the material to the brief mentions);


- Filtering the materials based on the evaluation of the subject’s activity (from positive to negative);


- Tracking of the sensational situations around the subject of monitoring and the perceived response (including blog posts, social media reactions, etc.);


- Convenient format of the analytical document.


You need to remember that media monitoring is an important component of marketing research, which determines how effective your strategy is.


Monitoring allows you to learn what is the competitors’ opinion about your news outlet, how are you perceived by your targeted audience.


YBMG offers a wide variety of monitoring services – personal activity, competitors’ actions, latest trends in your niche.


We do our work quickly, professionally and effectively. We’ll be delighted to help you succeed.

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