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Mobile application development

We offer complex solutions in creating mobile applications for media. The focus of our work is creating apps for iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry, and Web apps. We offer high-tech solutions for all kinds of mobile platforms.


Namely, we create:


- Apps for newspapers, magazines and online news media;


- Multimedia apps;


- Online TV;


- Apps for e-commerce;


- Editorial platforms for books and magazines.


There is no need to argue that development of mobile apps for media allowed most of the biggest media outlets in the world align their media into the format suitable for smartphones and tablets. Mobile apps for newspapers and magazines allow users to receive the needed materials as quickly as possible. That is why these mobile apps are so popular.


Opportunities that mobile apps create:


For users:


- Following the news feed in real time;


- Fast downloading of images and media files;


- Ability to choose preferred reading format and color scheme;


- Gaining access to media’s Twitter feed, audio- and video materials;


- Receiving PUSH-notifications as new stories appear in the chosen sections or news on certain topics are updated;


- Joining the discussion, leaving comments and reviews;


- Offering ideas and your own articles, if the newspaper or magazine allows the feedback;


For media:


- Adaptation to any mobile platform and OS;


- Immediate boost to a reader base;


- Possibility to consolidate articles from several outlets in a single app;


- Possibility of cooperation with other media and creating a joint mobile app;


- Receiving effective feedback from the audience;


- Automation of the advertising and possibility of extra profit from third-party banner placement;


Creating mobile apps for newspapers, magazines and other online or printed media allows adapting your media outlet to the mobile platforms and notably widening the targeted audience. That is why leading media outlets throughout the world invest into creating the mobile versions of their newspapers and magazines.




Terms of realization are discussed individually for each project.




You can apply for our services from any part of the world.




The price depends on each project’s specifications. Please feel free to Contact us to inquire about the price for your project.

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