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E-mail marketing

Е-mail marketing is one of the most effective types of Internet marketing that allows to attract more visitors to the website, greatly increase the traffic flow and, therefore, raise the advertisement profit.


Yellow Blue Media Group professionals advise you to consider email marketing not only as a tool for attracting customers. You can also offer your advertisers the email marketing service. Of course, you will need the “Listing” option (for example, preview of the materials) and you create your own email database.


Everybody knows email listing allows attracting new clients, reestablishing contact with the existing ones, and motivating to purchase goods or services. It allows you to boost the secondary sales and clients engagement while working with the database. After the analysis of customers’ purchases and behavior, you can create a personified system that will send the messages in the moments when the clients are interested in making a purchase.


Email listings are often mistakenly compared to SPAM. But these systems are completely different, since spam is the listing nobody ordered, even if it is done through a specially designed base. Email marketing includes sending letters only to customers who have agreed to receive them, which means they are already interested in your goods or services.


It is also important to remember that effective listing is impossible with the use of services for mass listing since letters that are sent via such services often do not pass the email filters or get marked as spam and are automatically deleted. It means the letters simply do not reach the Internet users.


You can always order email listing here, at Yellow Blue Media Group. We offer complex work both with your database, including the targeted audience on different social platforms, and our own email addresses database. Our professionals will choose the users who belong to your targeted audience based on geolocation (country or city), gender, age, hobbies and a variety of other markers.


Our services include writing and formatting of e-mail messages and complex integration of the system and the database. If you order email listing at YBMG you can be sure your letters not only will be successfully delivered, but will also fulfill their task: attract new visitors to your website, and encourage customers to make purchases or request services.


Contact us in order to learn more about the possibilities of email listing with YBMG. 

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