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Nowadays everybody is obsessed over the design. Yet most people use it without thinking and not really delving into the meaning. Especially if the conversation reaches such a specific topic as web design.


Design is the vital element of the website success – without a great and catchy design you won’t be able to motivate people read your articles, however good and full of insights they may be.


That is why before you engage with the technical process of the website creation you need to draw it – both from graphic point of view and based on the functionality. Your views depend on the convenience of your website, accessibility of the information and the visibility of Share buttons.


A small website can do with a simple, sometimes patterned, design. However, a large media outlet or information website design creation process is multilayered and difficult, since it is necessary to think a lot of details through – starting from the location of the electronic publication to the location of the visitors’ comments.


Web design is drawn to the smallest detail and takes into account many factors, where the most important thing is ease of use of the website for visitors. Web designer thinks through all of these nuances. When designing the structure of the designer starts the artistic and most creative part - the actual creation.


Graphics should be pleasing to the user and not cause any irritation or discomfort. We take into account the desires of our client and use the unspoken laws of the colors, choosing the ones peasant for the viewers’ eyes.


For media and information portals design and usability are among the major milestones. After all, the primary task of the new website is to attract and retain Internet users, making them then regular readers and visitors.


Given the growing mobility of the users, we devote a lot of time and effort to making your website compatible with the smartphones and tablets so it can be accessed from anywhere.


Before you order the design or redesign of the website, you need to define the concept – whether you want to use the template or prefer the website to be built and designed from scratch, for you only.  You should know that the unique design is more expensive, is constructed longer than the standard version and depends on the creativity and talent of the designer.


Our team consists of extremely creative and quite experienced web designers who will be able to implement all of your ideas.

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