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Website SEO Auditing

Website Auditing is a standard search promotion operation, which should be carried out regularly since search engine algorithms are constantly changing. This procedure will identify and eliminate errors present on the website which complicates its cooperation with the search engines. Through auditing you can make sure that your website was technically perfect. Audit ensures that your website is indexed correctly and highlight any problems with search engine optimization, which could lead to a decrease in the rating ranking, can harm your positions in the search results and in your niche in general.


We offer complete website SEO analysis for compliance with search engines. We also can assess the results of search engine optimization that was already performed. We provide a comprehensive auditing report and detailed recommendations on how to streamline and update the website to make it convenient for visitors and through that increase the traffic flow.  


The main aspects of search engine SEO auditing are:


1. Semantics. Relevance, quality and quantity of key phrases that lead visitors to the website (over a certain time period), the distribution of requests for landing pages, search for new semantics, etc.


2. Structure and navigation. Compliance between the structure and the semantics, indexed pages, level of nesting, navigation controls optimization, URL accuracy, etc.


3. Technical characteristics of the project. indexation, the presence of doubles, loading time, checks for trash and mistakes in the code, closing unnecessary sections, the presence of mistake 404, etc.


4. Internal optimization. Analysis of the title and meta tags at the pages, snippet assessment, uniqueness, quality and design of the content, internal links, etc.


5. Link mass. Analysis of the references by the anchor requests, quality of the donors, recommendations for boosting the link mass, etc.


6. Correcting other errors identified during the technical auditing of the site.


What will you gain from SEO analysis?


1. You will save on promotion.


2. Website auditing reduces the cost of its promotion and advertising.


3. You will receive a detailed plan for internal optimization.


4. You will receive information about the current status of the website and detailed instructions on its internal optimization.


5. The volume of the potential audience will increase.


6. Correction of errors identified during the auditing will lead to higher positions in search results and widen the potential targeted audience.


7. It will increase your website’ visibility in search engines.


8. After internal optimization and formation of "natural" link mass you will achieve good visibility of your website in the search engines.


9. Conversions growth.


10. When you correct the structural and navigational mistakes with our assistance, you make your website more convenient for users and give them more opportunities to make extra transitions inside your website, increase the duration of sessions and the number of clicks. Behavioral factors are also improved.


If you order website promotion, audit  is carried out free of charge.


Website usability testing


Very often users come to the website only for 10-15 seconds and quickly close it never to return again.  And those people could’ve become your regular visitors. That’s a serious sum of money (and opportunity) wasted.


You cannot create a successful and efficient website without testing it first.


That is why we offer website usability testing. This is necessary in order to identify any weaknesses during the development process and after the completion of the project.


With usability testing, you can:


1. Get the information about what users think when they visit your website.


2. Understand how much the information provided on the website corresponds with the information the user wanted to see.


3. Create a user-oriented website design.


4. Get your first interaction experience.


5. Determine whether the website is convenient for users.


6. Understand whether various online services work correctly.


7. Identify why people quickly leave the website or are unable to find the required information.


How do we do it:


1. We define the test subject. It may be a website as a whole, individual pages or functionality.


2. We gather a group of 7-10 people, depending on the complexity of the project.


3. Each member of the group tests the website for 40-50 minutes. Our analyst is watching them and captures every detail. The video shooting is also available.


4. Test results of each participant are carefully studied, analyzed, and provided to the development department in the form of the consolidated statement


5. Development department makes the necessary changes.


Why is it effective?


1. There are no websites without flaws - you only need time to identify and eliminate them to make website function properly.


2. Most serious problems are actually quite easy to identify. They often lie on the surface, but users have to constantly deal with them.


The difference between Usability testing and Web analytics


Tools like Google Analytics can give you an accurate picture of what people are doing on your website. For example, 63% of users have left your home page in less than 15 seconds. You can easily get another set of data, but it will do little to help you understand what’s wrong.


If visitors spend a lot of time on a particular page, statistics doesn’t explain to you whether it happens because they found a lot of useful information or because the text is too heavy and difficult and they are struggling to understand it.


Statistics can show you what users do on your website and in what quantity. Usability testing explains why they do it.


Dear friends, in order to get more information about our services use the Feedback form or call us.


We are always open for cooperation!


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