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Website development and promotion

All the processes of the website development are structured and divided into stages. Each stage is managed by a team of professionals, so you can be sure the product you’ll receive will be of highest quality. We develop a unique web-design for each of our projects.


Website software development is based on our own management system that will allow you to edit and add information to the website without any special technical knowledge required.


All of our online projects are SEO-optimized – it helps to attract the target audience to the website.


We have a quality multiprocessor hardware and software installed. Along with high-speed connection it allows stable and fast functioning of the website.


Comprehensive approach


We find a complex solution for your business.


Interface design


While developing the website we pay maximum attention to the interface, namely the general concept of the website usability, easiness of obtaining the information, consistency and simplicity way the elements are arranged.


For example, how easy will it be for the consumer to find the desired information, products, to make orders and move around the site.  


Interface design and work on the projects’ usability ensures that all the client’s goals are achieved with the best results possible. It also allows leading user’s actions in the right direction.


Content Management System


The software part of the project is based on our own content management system (CMS), which is not only easy to operate, but also has a high search engine loyalty.


Website Promotion


One of the most effective ways to attract potential customers to the website is promoting the website in search engines. We will raise your website to the first page of search engines for the queries you’re interested in. Achieving the desired results may take up to several months. For those who want immediate results we recommend Contextual advertising.


You should also understand that the website must meet certain technological requirements of search engines. Otherwise its promotion will be almost impossible. The website should be optimized properly; it should contain all the functions necessary for the promotion.


Contextual Advertising


One of the most effective ways to attract potential customers to your website.

This kind of  advertising is much more effective than all known media, does not cause the adverse reactions, allows you to avoid being intrusive and annoying. It simply helps people find the exact product they are looking for!

All major search engines provide the possibility of placing contextual advertising ( - Google AdWords, - Advertising, etc.), social networks (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc.).


Advertising on the Internet


Banner advertising is an effective tool for advertising campaigns on the web.

What we offer our customers is not simple placement of their banners on popular websites, but a wide range of services aimed to achieve the desired result. We perform a thorough analysis of the market for each project. We practice originative approach to banners creation. This allows effectively transferring your information to the desired target audience.

Our experience and capabilities allow creating an outstanding advertising campaign for you.  Banner advertisement is one of its many components.

We are authorized partners with the vast amount of banner exchange networks and portals.


How Do We Work:


Setting goals and objectives


The client explains his demands and wishes and voices his ideas about the website.


Elaboration of design documentation


We develop the structure of the website in line with client’s requirements, wishes, goals and objectives. Then we prepare the project and contractual documentation: contract, the terms of reference and schedule of work on the website.

Usability and interface development


We create prototypes for future website pages in the form of interface circuits. Then we think over user behavior and create a logical website map.

Concept design development


We develop the concept design of the website in accordance with the approved terms of reference.


Web Design


We create model pages based on the previously approved concept.


Website pages layout


After the approval of the web design we typeset pages of the website and place them on the test website for client approval.


Website software development


We create the full website frame on a test platform and connect all the necessary modules and website services.


Website content


On this stage we fill the website with appropriate textual and graphical information (content).


Testing the website


During the testing phase we check the efficiency of the newly-created resource and eliminate possible errors.

Launch of the project in the Internet


The project is transferred to the official domain and made accessible for users. We create a website management guide and submit it to the client.


Website promotion


Only after we launch the website on the official domain we start promoting it in search engines, launch an advertisement campaign and connect the statistics service to the website.

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