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Social media are the online technologies that allow users to communicate. On social platforms people exchange knowledge, establish contacts, share opinions, news, videos, music and information about products and services used.


Therefore, every modern brand is present in social media. But not every brand knows what its consumers say about it. Or, even if it does, not every brand is able to use that knowledge to its benefit.


Social media are a vital part of any modern advertising campaign. People less and less watch television, read newspapers and traditional media websites, and a significant part of the target audience can be reached only through social networks. Thanks to the cheap cost of contact with the target audience and the most precise targeting advertising in social networks is highly effective.


By implementing the strategy of communication in social media you can greatly increase your targeted audience’s loyalty to the brand, receive feedback from users, effectively inform your target audience about new products or lines of business, and ultimately - increase sales and brand awareness.


We work in three main areas:


Analysis and research


Together with Yellow Blue Media Group’s strategic department we study brand positioning, its development strategy, explore the lifestyle and values of the consumer, commence a deep analysis of client’s business and competitive environment. The result of this study is a document summarizing all the statistics and facts as well as recommendations on how to promote the brand in social networks.


Support and promotion


We do not limit ourselves to simple creation of a cute page to Facebook, friendly page on Google+ or interesting Twitter-account. After the idea is embodied we continue to work, knowing the rules of traffic flow on social platforms, and leading it in the right direction. We use whole arsenal of possibilities of social media, provide long-term content, technical and PR-support.


Creativity and design


We will use all the constructive and creative potential YBMG has to develop your advertising campaign on social platforms. We offer extraordinary and daring ideas and solutions, which, however, do not conflict with the general strategy of the brand and bring immediate results.


We adapt brand strategy to social networks, create communities "from scratch" as well as promote existing ones, work with the blogosphere, opinion leaders and celebrities. We are familiar with every social platform and have an impressive experience in promoting brands on each of them.

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