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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective tools to attract potential customers and increase sales. It has quickly replaced the traditional advertising options because of its broad functionality.


It’s true: traditional forms of advertising (such as outdoor advertising, television, radio, printed media) lose their positions with each passing day and are often not worth your investment and effort. The main reason they are not as effective as you want them to be is a fact that your message is displayed to a broad and diverse audience, large part of which might be not interested in your services at all.


SEO-optimization is a unique type of advertisement, because the potential customers will be looking for it themselves! SEO-optimization is a vital part of a website promotion.


We at YBMG offer the following options of the integrated website promotion:


- Website promotion to positions;


- Website traffic promotion;


- Promotion "Traffic + position";


- Open budget promotion


The main goals of SEO-optimization are:


- Attracting potential customers to your online resource;


- Increasing brand awareness as well as the level of its informational presence both on the Internet and beyond;


- Improving overall business performance and profit growth.


Optimizing websites for search queries


Focusing on targeted queries, complex SEO-optimization will bring your website to the top of the most popular search engines for relevant keywords in the shortest time possible. This is extremely important point, because the higher you are in the search results, the more visitors will be redirected to your website. Your sales will grow accordingly, therefore multyplying your profit.


If optimization for search queries is performed effectively, the search engine spiders will automatically drag your website to the first positions in the search results, so that more people will visit it.


Have you ever wondered why some websites make a profit while others - not? And why visitors stay at some websites for a long time while immediately leaving the other? The recipe for success is simple - a professional and effective search engine optimization. Since Internet marketing is in continuous development, it is extremely important to be aware of all the recent trends, as well as to develop the skills and strategies needed for that development. We guarantee that the result of external and internal optimization of your website will increase the flow of visitors willing to make a purchase.


Professional website promotion consists of several stages:


- We determine the specifics of the client's goods or services, as well as the characteristics of the market,analyse the competitors’ websited;


- Depending on the thematics of the website  we select the most relevant keywords;


- Carry out a comprehensive audit of the technical elements of the website;


- Optimize website texts;


- Make necessary changes.


What you should definitely consider:


Unfortunately, many companies today are trying to save money and perform SEO-optimization on their own. However, if you are completely unfamiliar with the process of optimization or know it only superficially, you will not achieve success. Even the ideal website will be omitted in the SERP if it does not meet the requirements of search engines. Visitors won’t even see it, focusing on the top 10 results of the search, which they will consider the most appropriate.


To avoid such fate you need a complex web promotion project performed by experienced professionals, the results of which are confirmed by the happiness of our previous clients.


Search Engine Optimization is determined by how well you know how to use some tools, on which the success of your efforts depends on. For example, you will not get a good result without unique content.


Firstly, the content has to be of the highest quality and competent (low-quality texts full of  errors can hardly cause admiration and trust of potential clients who visit your website). Second, duplicated content is easily discovered by search engines and dramatically reduce your position in the search results.


Thus, it is imperative that your website is optimized by a team of professionals fully possessing all the necessary knowledge, skills and tools. Whether your website will become a source of profit or constant losses depends on the professionalism of the team that leads your campaigh.


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