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Research and consulting

If you are willing to spend money on digital media, but in response to want to get really good results with minimal risk, you've come to the right place. Yellow Blue Media Group team has  years of experience offering a large-scale market research, followed by the data analytics.


We not only tell you about the situation, we will also advise you how to get your advertising campaign to a whole new level. In addition, if you continue to work with us, you can minimize the losses caused by erroneous or superficial approach to planning. We will help your company by providing a wide range of Internet services.


What information will you get?


Data on the current demand and the target audience


These data are the basis for every advertising campaign. Only full understanding of all of the nuances of consumers' behavior can make your Internet advertising campaigns effective and successful. YBMG uses the latest software developments and global techniques to determine how the customer thinks and what he was looking for in the web. In other word we carry out research and consulting and analysis of the consumer market and the factors affecting using specialized instruments.


As a result you get a detailed report highlighting the market volume, Internet segmentation criteria, the semantic core consisting of the key phrases that clients use to find a website, and so on.


Marketing Report is supplemented with a detailed description of all the stages of the selection process the user goes through before purchasing a product or ordering a service.


Competitors’ strategies


Research and consulting are carried out on an individual basis depending on the scope of the enterprise. But it is impossible to plan effective advertising campaign without a deep understanding of the competitors.


It is important to consider that company's behavior in the Internet significantly differs from its behavior in "real life" – it affects marketing gimmicks, tricks, ways to achieve the goals.


YBMG team is ready for detection and identification of competing firms, analysis of their structure and the content of their websites, studying their budget and strateg, effectiveness of their advertising campaigns.


If you become our client, you will receive a comprehensive report on the actions of competitors with unbiased analysis and evaluation of communication techniques they use.


Information about the market potential and advertising toolsin the search engines


While developing a marketing campaign one must take into account the degree of its feasibility and, in fact, the actual potential. The most important thing is not to overestimate it – typical for the newcomers.


We already know what pitfalls may arise on the way, and therefore the probability of error is minimized.


With the help of various research methods and information sources our staff will identify the most probable indicators of the level of traffic and the influx of regular customers.


It will result in an an effective marketing strategy that will allow you to reach all the objectives of your campaign.


A detailed analysis of website readiness for the campaign


Of course, you will not be able to get the results instantly, so research and consulting necessarily relate to the level of quality of the website at the moment. Otherwise you will not be able to predict the timing to achieve the desired performance.


Carrying out advertising campaigns requires a detailed analysis of websitereadiness. It is necessary for early detection of potential obstacles and developing a list of measures aimed at eliminating potential problems.


A final strategy


Yellow Blue Media Group will provide you with a comprehensive strategy and a detailed description of the action plan based on pooled data analyzis.


Ordering our research and consulting will guarantee you an increased traffic and growth of consumer involvement.

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