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Internet PR-campaigns are the key to establishing effective communication with the consumer


Since Internet has become a significant part of every sphere of modern society’s mundane life, volume of online PR had also increased greatly, and it’s still growing rapidly. Overall market situation and the fact that competitors’ marketing campaigns become more and more aggressive push clients and PR-specialists to choose online PR-communications.


Necessity to constantly prove your leadership in every sphere, especially so dynamically developing ones as the new media has not only made company’s presence in the Internet a must$ it has also opened brand new possibilities for establishment a effective communications in the sphere of online PR.


However, only competent approach to running online PR-campaigns will guarantee you the results your company wants to achieve. One of the most important factors of a successful online PR campaign is finding a specialist or contractor who will make the preparations for your PR-activities and actually run them.


Yellow Blue Media Group has a significant experience with different kinds of PR-campaigns and Internet projects for small, medium and large businesses. We have an outstanding team of highly competent PR-specialists.


Yellow Blue Media Group offers the following services for effective PR-communications online:


We develop creative concepts and strategies for effective PR-activities in the Internet;


We create newsbreaks and develop necessary media materials in a variety of formats (video, audio, texts etc.);


We create and publish articles, expert opinions, press releases, comments, market or event digests, corporate news or information about new products on (отраслевых или тематических ресурсах) thematic platforms.


We commence various activities in the blogosphere, create attention points and initiate discussions on social platforms, create the desired informational background in the Internet;


We develop viral newsbreaks which create the desired level of perception for the products or events, when users start recommending publications to each other willfully.


This is far from the complete list of abilities that allow our specialists run effective online PR-campaigns with the desired level of influence over the audience and concrete results your business needs. For us every case is exclusive; we use a creative approach to comprehension and realization of our client’s goals. 


Possibilities and advantages of online PR-communications:



Specific influence on the business’ targeted audience


One of the most attractive features which allows to commence different kinds of directed activities. Internet gives us possibilities to choose audience based on timely, group, thematic or personal principle. Therefore, online PR allows to concentrate exclusively on the most important spheres and zones of influence


Optimization of the costs needed for running an online PR-campaign


Gathering and generalizing data on which websites user visits and the frequency of the visits allows to obtain a set of data needed for realization PR-events on the “hottest spots” without the need to access all of the targeted audience.


Cutting costs for image events


Costs for creating and supporting a certain image are a vital part of almost every business. Doesn’t matter whether we’re talking an image of the whole company or only it’s SEO’s – online PR techniques allow cutting these costs significantly. Besides, information placed into the web is accessible 24/7 and often doesn’t need any additional costs for its support.


There are no limits


Informational resources of the Internet are basically limitless. Unlike traditional communication channels and media, here you won’t get the “all the space for advertisement is already sold”. You can always choose a certain niche or platform – and our professionals will gladly assist you in that.


Speed and coverage


Finally, speed of preparing, launching and receiving the results from different PR-activities in the Internet are much higher than in any other media and communication channels.


Online PR is a highly effective way to communicate with your targeted audience and a variety of possibilities for almost every business. If you don’t start using the possibilities of the Internet today, tomorrow you will lose the lead and a significant share of company’s income.


Order a free PR consultation at Yellow Blue Media Group!


Use a chance to get a free consultation from our specialists with the help of the «Apply for our services» form or contact us in any way you find convenient!

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