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Mobile application development

Yellow Blue Media Group provides the full range of works on mobile apps development for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


We provide a full range of services on creating mobile applications - documentation, engineering, design, development, testing and management.


YBMG develops applications for mobile devices, including:


- Apps for Android;


- Apps for iOS (iPhone, iPad);


- Apps for Windows Phone;


- Design (UI) for the iPhone, iPad, Android;


- Placing the application in the App Store and Google Play.


In addition, we provide:


- Marketing research;


- Analysis on time and costs needed for application development;


- Preparing terms of reference for the development of mobile applications;


- Design applications;


- Develop the design of mobile applications;


- Test mobile applications;


- Carry out translations of mobile applications into foreign languages;


- Publish the application in the App Store and Google Play;


- Promote mobile applications;


- Help monetizing mobile applications;


- Prepare a detailed business plan with all the possible risks taken into account.



Stages of the app development:


- Planning;


- Design development;


- Mobile app development;


- Server software development;


- Development of a control system for a server program;


- Testing;


- Delivering app to the online stores (App Store and Google Play);


- Promotion of the project;


- Monetization of the project.



We develop projects on a turnkey basis – from creation of the visual prototype to back-end and launch of the app. You won’t need to worry about anything.



App maintenance and support



Technical support of the newly created app is vital. We provide a full support of the program after its introduction. This means every problem will be attended to quickly and personally. Our specialists are always willing to help with removing of any software-related problems.


If you have any questions – don’t hesitate to email or call us! We will get back to you immediately!

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