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Mass media monitoring

Media monitoring is a simple and effective and yet quite laborious method of obtaining public information about the companies, brands, markets, certain people, sociopolitical and economic processes and events.


Yellow Blue Media Group offers media monitoring since the founding of our company. We provide the necessary information to our customers - European and international companies, government agencies, political and public organizations on a daily basis.


We offer thematic monitoring of central, regional and international media, thematic press, websites, TV and radio channels – up to more than 10,000 sources.


We are also involved in monitoring the media in Ukraine, Russia and other post-Soviet countries.


Here are three features that make us recognizable in media monitoring:




You get only the information you need, because all the materials are additionnally checked by our professionals to match your request. We provide the monitoring in both printed and online versions of the media you’re interested in.




You can define a list of keywords and information sources for monitoring, frequency of reports, language, form of delivery, the need for a summary or translation and, therefore, have the opportunity to adjust the price.




Our information is convenient to use – we provide it in full accordance with your requirements concerning the categorization, form of delivery, design etc.


To prove the effectiveness of our work we provide a 1-7 days free media monitoring. If you want to make an order - please feel free to contact our Department for analysis and monitoring at

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