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Design is so much more than a pretty picture. It’s all about convenience and easy perception of the image which triggers positive emotions, attracts viewer’s attention and is catchy enogh to be remembered.


Quality design is a flawless combination of customer’s wishes, market analysis and competent implementation of the original idea by a designer. As a result customer awareness of your products or services grows, which in turn boosts your image and popularity.





1. Think about convenience


Convenience is the first rule of a successful product.


2. Think about design


A product that’s convenient to use should look good.


3. Make it happen


A product that looks good and is convenient to use must be well-made.





Websites and special projects


Corporate websites, video- and promo websites, online shops, special projects (on existing platforms).


Apps for social platforms


Games, service and entertainment applications. We also offer design for the groups of brands and corporate pages on social platforms.




We offer design for a variety of games (for mobile phones, apps, social platforms, websites etc.)


Graphic design


Visual identification systems, printed materials development, POS-materials in the field of sales, posters, models for the press, billboards.


Mobile Applications


Applications (entertaining, service, educational, informational). We create applications for specific events, BTL activities and RFID.

Interactive projects


Installations of the screens at the points of sale, interactive POS-materials, terminals and applications for them.



All the processes of design creation are highly structured and divided into several stages. Each stage is managed by professionals which allows us to create a high-quality product.


Before we start working on the design we conduct a thorough market research and develop a concept – the main idea of the design – based on client’s wishes.


We know how to create the most effective corporate style. We consider everything – not only how the elements of design will look on the computer screen, but also how they will be used in future. We think every element through – from business cards and promotional products to signboards and complex advertisement projects.




Setting the tasks and goals


Client voices his wishes. Together with client we decide on design’s main concept.


Deciding on the structure


According to client’s wishes, tasks and coals we develop the structure and style of the catalogues, brochures and other products.


Design concept development


After the structure is approved, we start working on the design’s concept. It includes several directions that can be remodeled until the client is fully satisfied.


Design, layout


When the concept gets approved, we devepol all the supporting components.


Delivery of the original models


After the work is completed, client immediately receives the original models in any way he finds convenient.

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