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Games creation and development

Creation of games is not only exciting and interesting process – it also requires hard and meticulous work of professional developers. We understand how important it is not to miss even a single detail in the process of developing and testing the game. Our artists and designers will help you to embody the game world that you’ve imagined.


Every game starts with the idea. And if you bring us the idea, we’ll do everything to turn it into a high-quality, beautiful and exciting game. And such game will always attract the players. Which means it is worth the time and effort.


Where Do We Start?


To understand how much the game will cost you need to decide how you see it.


You should start from determining the goals and requirements that your future game must meet.


Will it be a part of an advertisement campaign or a self-liquidating project? Or, perhaps, you simply wish to make someone an exclusive gift? Will it be designed for mobile devices or for a PC? Single or multiplayer? Internet app (for social platforms or a browser game) or will it be accessible offline.


After that you need to choose a genre.


A sweeping strategy or a colorful, enthralling quest. Fascinating arcade or a highly realistic simulator. At this stage you should pay attention to the way you imagine your game and the ideas you already have. Perhaps you already see some outstanding footage that you want in the game. Our specialists will help you in making a right choice.


Graphics and game mechanics are crucial for the pricing.


Do you prefer 3D-realism or art-house style? Or maybe you already have some sketches? Every option is acceptable. At this stage, we should also think the game mechanics through. It is very important for defining the target audience. Casual games cover a large audience, but quickly go out of fashion. So-called hardcore or "elite" games are designed for long-term, permanent players, tournament system and various out-of-the game sales and offers, but the audience should be prepared beforehand, and it requires patience and hard work.


Internet projects


Games for social platforms are popular among the users of the social networks. This is a vast audience. People who register on social platforms are usually looking for communication and new acquaintances. And games are the best way to get both.


Most often those are multiplayer games you can play with your friends on various social platforms and post your achievements directly in your profile.


Unlike the simple and elaborate games for social platforms browser games are usually more large-scaled and system administrators block them less often, so their audience is also vast.


The so-called “client” games stand out. Even though they are usually positioned as browser games, to play them you usually have to download a certain app, which is called “client”. It makes them similar to traditional multiplayer games and ties the player to a certain computer. This may irritate the players.


There are the fully online apps, where registration is the only requirement. Users play them eagerly and more often, but their visuals cannot compete with their “client” analogues.


If you are planning to implement your game via the web, our specialists will help you in choosing the best option.


PC Games


Don’t forget the good old computer games. Even though it becomes harder for them to compete with consoles and mobile devices, they still hold the significant niche.


PC games usually attract players with its scale and visuals. These are epic stories with well-thought scenarios, dialogues and structure, single-player game masterpieces. Or the projects that are competing for such an honorary title.


If you are the one for classics and plan on creating a project for PC, our specialists will help you to turn your dreams into reality.


Mobile apps


Until recently the only mobile game you knew about was Nokia’s “Snake”, but nowadays mobile games for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile are becoming more and more popular. People play them in public transport, in queues, during the lunch.


Simplicity and the intuitiveness are the main trump card of the mobile games. Most games for mobile touch-screen devices use a revolutionary gameplay – they change according to the position of the device, touching the screen, etc.


Games for the mobile devices are a dynamically developing field. If you want to create a mobile game, our work in this area will help it become popular among on mobile market.


We work with the following operating systems:


Android - operating system for smartphones, tablet PCs, digital players, watches, netbooks and smartbooks based on the Linux core.


Apple iOS - mobile operating system developed by Apple and based on Mac OS X. Initially it was created for the iPhone, and then extended it to related devices such as Apple iPod Touch, iPad and Apple TV.


Microsoft Windows - series of proprietary operating systems owned by Microsoft, application oriented at using graphical interface.


Windows Mobile - mobile operating system developed by Microsoft for its own hardware platforms Pocket PC (PDA) and Smartphone.

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