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Social media and social networks auditing is most frequently needed in three cases:


Case 1.


There is a staff member in your company who is responsible for maintaining your Facebook and Google+ pages, Twitter account and blog. You pay him every month and therefore want to know whether he is doing a decent job and what are the preliminary results of your company’s activity in social networks. Perhaps your guy doesn’t work hard and his activities are limited to reposting a couple of links from your website and taking a photo or two. We offer a detailed quantity and quality research for each of your accounts, groups or communities on different social platforms.


Case 2.


You hired an outsourcing company to promote your business on social platforms. The contractor has been working on your order for a month, three months or even a year. How effective is the work of their specialists? What actual results have you achieved? You will find answers to all of these questions from a detailed report prepared by our experts.


Social media auditing allows to control the process of your website’ promotion in social networks and to get impressive results. It also helps you decide whether this instrument is effective enough. Perhaps it had been placed into the wrong hands or some mistakes were made during the development of website promotion strategy.



Case 3.


Your employee has been managing corporate pages, groups and accounts for several months or years now. You realize he needs a professional advice to see a bigger picture, and you are want his work to bring maximum results. In this case auditing is an analysis which becomes a base for a set of recommendations on optimizing his current work. We also offer professional advice on broadening a range of internet tools used and deciding which directions should be developed or, on the contrary, abandoned. Creative, originative ideas are also included into the list of recommendation we prepare based on results of the auditing.


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