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Digital Advertising

Digital advertising has long surpassed traditional advertising in magazines, on radio and television and outdoor advertising in terms of profitability and efficiency.


There are several types of digital advertising:


- Contextual advertising (thematic or search engine advertising);


- Social media advertising;


- SEO (website promotion)


- Media and banner advertising.


If the advertiser’s goal is quick and inexpensive client acquisition and sales boost, contextual advertising is the best option.


Contextual advertising


Contextual advertising is a form of digital advertising appearing on Google and Yahoo search, an also on thematic partner websites (display network websites). Contextual ads may appear in response to a user’s search query, on thematic websites/platforms or it can appear before certain audience (based on gender/age/interests).


For example, automotive parts store can place contextual ads on search query “buy automotive parts”, on thematic websites dedicated to automobiles or show the ad only to targeted audience – men from 18 to 50 who are interested in automobiles.


The main benefit of contextual advertising is that when properly configured, it attracts only the targeted audience - people who are interested in buying a particular product or service. This is one of the most flexible and inexpensive tools for boosting the sales quickly. Furthermore, contextual advertising allows the precise control of costs, which can be compared with the results. Advertiser pays only for the users who entered the website by clicking on the ad. Moreover, if one user does several clicks – system won’t count them.


In contextual advertising advertiser pays only for those users who have passed the site by clicking (clicking) on ​​the ad. With that, if a user intentionally clicks on your ad several times - invalid clicks will not be counted by the system.


In advertising campaign optimization we use:


- Comparative analysis of all advertising campaigns and ad groups;


- Efficiency analysis by the day of week and time of day;


- Device analysis (computers, tablets, mobile phones);


- Audience analysis (based on gender, age and interests);


- Efficiency analysis based on geographic region;


- Comparative analysis of the ads and keywords.


Web-analysis allows to relocate advertisement budget to the most effective sources of traffic, which can lower the PPC bid (pay per click) up to 40%.


Benefits of contextual advertising:


- You can order and launch an advertisement campaign in 1 day;


- The ads are shown only to targeted audience;


- It is possible to customize the display of the ads by time, day of week, region, gender, age or interests;


- Flexibility and speed (you can add changes to the advertisement campaign within 1 hour);


- Payment per click (you pay only for users entering your website);


- It is possible to work with the limited budget;


- We can work with websites for which SEO-promotion is technically impossible;


- Quick access to the search engines top displayed results.   


How do we achieve the outstanding result:


1. Select the keywords up to the frequency of 2-3 displays a month


Each business sphere has lots of keywords. Low-frequency queries are also extremely important – they are cheaper and help to access the targeted audience more effectively.


2. Select the negative keywords, use different correlations and operators.


It is vital to exclude non-targeted visitors! Even if they are not interested in your services and will never click on the ad, displaying ads to them spoils the CTR statistics index, which leads to a higher price per click.


3. Create individual ads for each search query.


- Ad becomes more noticeable;


- Targeted audience is accessed more effectively = ad quality increases = CTR increases = price per click is lower.


4. Use marketing tricks.


Along with you we develop special competitive advantages. For example, the ad “Tours to India. Only 8 tickets left!” will attract 20% more users because it contains hidden push to action.


5. Create separate advertisement campaigns for search and thematic networks, divide groups by region.


If you work with different regions, London resident is more likely to click on the ad that includes words “delivery to London”.


6. Optimize ads and rates.


We constantly analyze the statistics and, depending on the price of the targeted action (call, order or request from the website), adjust rates and advertisements.


7. Provide you with valuable advice and recommendations.


Not only we adjust the contextual advertising, but also study the client’s sphere of interests deeply and thoroughly. Our specialists are always aware of the latest trends and innovations. We test all the new advertisement methods and marketing tricks on our own projects and offer our clients only those that have proven to be the most effective. With YMBG you obtain an advanced personal marketer.


Social Media Advertising


Yellow Blue Media Group offers the advertisement on all the leading social platforms. We also offer the contextual advertisement in social media for your website promotion with payment per click or per display.


The goals of Social Media Marketing


- Creation of the potential clients database;


- Constant communication with the target audience;


- Sales growth;


- Repeated sales promotion;


- Brand awareness improvement;


- Increasing the brand loyalty of your target audience;


- Getting feedback from the existing customers.


Advantages of Social Networks Advertising


- Possibility of accessing the target audience more precisely(based on gender, age, marital status, interests, geography, etc.);


- Maintaining constant contact with potential clients;


- Informing your potential customers about new offers of the company;


- The constant growth of amount of your followers on social networks;


- Increasing brand awareness and brand loyalty.


Media and Banner Advertisement


Characteristics of banner advertising that will help you determine whether it is necessary for your business:


- It is one of the best ways to promote new products to the market;


- It helps to increase brand awareness and strengthen the image of the company;


- Wide audience coverage;


- You can select the desired audience - targeting by gender, age, geography, topics, etc;


- You can effectively inform customers about the sales and special offers;


- Non-standard ad placement options (search retargeting, selective advertising, interactive banners, videos, banners, video context);


- You only pay for the clicks and displays;


- Attracting additional targeted traffic to the website;


- Evaluating the effectiveness of advertising campaigns in real time (the possibility of its adjustment, metric).


Why do you need to work with Yellow Blue Media Group:


- We not only create advertising – we get the results;


- We work as transparently as possible (provide our clients with access to their advertising accounts);


- Each of our projects is a customized solution for a particular business;


- We do not divide clients as major and minor - we care for every customer;


- We prove our professionalism with our work;


- We are pleasant to communicate and work with;


- Several specialists participate in each project;


- We love what we do and do it with pleasure;


- More than half of our clients comes to us upon a recommendation.

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