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Unexpected Tips To Boost Your Facebook Marketing

Marketing your business via Facebook can bring you great benefits. However, building a successful strategy is not as easy as it may seem from the first glance. Besides the initial effort you need to take in order to gain the core audience, yet another problem might hinder your performance.


The fact is, due to the new Facebook algorithm, even the people who have willingly decided to follow your brand on Facebook, won’t see most of your posts, unless they have given your page a priority viewing.


Which is why you will need some extra tips and tricks that will allow you to attract more people and get your posts and brand in general as much attention as you need in order to boost your sales, get more leads and conversions, and raise your brand awareness.


We have chosen seven easy tips that will boost your performance without blowing your advertising budget off the charts.


1. Get a compelling cover photo


You need to make your profile page as attractive as possible in order to interest people who get to your page via search, reference or even by chance.


And the first opinion is extremely important is such cases, so you need to make use of the large space that can be a final say in the matter: your cover photo.


After all, this is literally the first thing that people who visit your profile page see. You can turn your cover photo into a powerful tool and, mind that, it’s completely free!


Make it tell a story. Make people stand in awe.


You also need to remember that your followers will see when you update your cover photo. And even the friends of your fans will be able to see it in their news feeds, so it’s a good chance to boost your exposure.


By the way, visuals tend to get up to 53% more likes on Facebook. Not to mention, that they also get up to 104% more comments from the Facebook users.


2. Create yourself a human face


The worst mistake an aspiring brand can make in social media campaign is to sound like a robot. The professionalism and quality of your product are important; however, when choosing among several brands, people tend to give preference to the ones that get to their emotional side, calling to their lifestyle and values.


That is why you need to give your brand a human face. Try not to sound overly formal with your follower and clients, but at the same time keep the professional tone. You should still look like an expert, but a compassionate one.


You will also get much more opportunities to build closer relations with your targeted audience and communicate more freely.


You can also liven up the discussion – and your page’s feed – by posting some colorful photos with your employees.


3. Connect with people


The prime goal of social media is to create the space for communication between very different people from all over the world.


And you need to remember that: do not resort yourself to selling only, communicate with your targeted audience. Facebook offers an aspiring marketer plenty of possibilities to do that and get the desired results.


Learn to transform the traditional marketing strategies into social ones and build a powerful network in Facebook that will guarantee your brand’s success.


Try starting to reach out to the people you are interested in. Those could be potential clients, partners or opinion leaders in your niche you want to make connection with in order to ask them to endorse your brand.


Anyway, do not be shy. Facebook is the ideal place for the ones who want to make new connections, your business included.


4. Use the customer reviews as much as possible


People can be pretty paranoid when brands are trying to sell them some products or even ideas, but they do trust other ordinary people.


Most of Internet users planning to make an online or offline purchase will go to great lengths in order to find the reviews of people who already have the experience (either positive or negative) with the product.


If you want to succeed, you need to make sure those reviews (we are speaking about the positive ones, of course) are as easy to find as possible.


You can even reach out to your loyal customers and ask them for a review (most of them will be doubtless happy to do so).


This information can change the course of your whole social media marketing campaign. And whether the change will be positive or negative, is completely up to you.  


5. Use killer visuals


Did you know our brain processes the images faster than the text? Yet it’s true: the images are processed up to 60,000 times faster.


Images also appeal to your audience more effectively than the texts. Videos have the same effect, so you will have to use both occasionally.


And since the human attention span is very short, you will have approximately 6 seconds to grab your visitors’ attention. So you better not waste this time and go all in with the best visuals you have got.


Make them compelling, bright and keep them unique in order to leave your competitors as far behind as possible.


Use all the types of visuals you can think about – from infographics and collages to coubs and videos.


Also, remember to check which ones get the most attention from your followers and, naturally, use the popular ones more often.


If the image isn’t yours, always credit and compliment the author. It will add to your credibility and reputation.


6. Use the Facebook maps


Remember to check in your business with the Facebooks Check-in feature. It is an extremely important tool for the small local businesses, but even the large ones can benefit from it. The Google API Facebook uses in this feature will help local buyers learn about your business nearby and therefore widen your reach.


Encourage your customers to check in at your store or café with some small perks or bonuses. You’ll see how effective it is.


Also, remember that in order to use this feature your company must be listed under the Local Business or Place category.


This feature also helps you to appear in your followers’ friends news feeds, exposing your business to new people.


With these unexpected tips to promote your business on Facebook, you can achieve all the results you are dreaming of.


Remember to work hard, strategize and follow these steps to build an invincible presence on the largest social platform in the world.

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