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Top Ten Mistakes That Ruin Your Brand on Facebook

You’ve read tons of manuals on how to succeed on Facebook, and still it doesn’t work out? Your following doesn’t grow, and the existing fans ignore your posts, even the most up-to-date and on trending topics?


Chances are, that problem is not with the tips. Perhaps you've fallen victim to some of the most common mistakes marketers make on Facebook.


We've underlined top 10 mistakes you need to remember and avoid in the future in order to create a successful Facebook presence.


Take a look:


Mistake 1. You do not communicate


The point of social media is not simply advertising, but interacting with the fans and followers. Open the dialog with the fans that are ready to reach out to you.


Always react to the messages, comments and even retweets – doesn’t matter if they are positive or contain some serious critique. It will show that you are credible and professional, and that you pay attention to what your customers think about you.


Make sure you reply as fast as you can - Facebook counts the waiting time on your messages and you get higher rating if you answer swiftly to all the messages you get.


Mistake 2. You pay no attention to analytics


Facebook offers a great tool for analyzing one's engagement. It would be foolish to ignore it, so make sure you check out the Facebook insights regularly.


You can use Facebook insights in order to learn which posts work out well with your audience and which ones not so much.


You can also use them in order to determine the best time for posting, which is the part of the day your followers are the most active at.


Mistake 3. You ignore the paid options


Becoming successful without having to pay a dime is every businesses dream, but that's all that it is: a dream. You cannot achieve without investing your time - and money, for that matter, in your brand's promotion.


Boost your posts so that more of your followers get to see your posts in their news feeds.


If you plan your strategy right, the money you invested will not be wasted.


They will bring you the new followers that will transform into customers somewhere along the line.


Mistake 4. You buy likes


Quantity does not always equal quality, and many companies make the mistake of promoting their brand by simply buying the necessary likes.


However, you actually gain nothing when you use that strategy - because of fake likes you cannot plan your actions and assess analytical data right, and you do not actually address your real customers.


Nobody wants to spend money on virtual personas, right?


Mistake 5. You don't get creative


Remember to build a separate promotion strategy on Facebook.


You cannot simply copy the messages and posts that you were using in your blog or on other social platforms, Facebook requires the unique approach.


Design your information pieces you are going to post on Facebook, for Facebook only.


In doing so, you will guarantee it will make your customers notice your posts, react to them and engage.


Mistake 6. You target the wrong audience


Creating ads is not enough for receiving traffic - you also need to target them with precision in order to reach the segments of audience who will be actually interested in your product.


There is no point in promoting skateboards in Africa.


And swimsuits might not be the best ad choice for Alaska, either.


Mistake 7. You do not post videos


With Facebook pushing its own video platform, posting native videos on the website directly, not via Youtube, can give a brand a tremendous advantage over its fiercest competitors in the niche.


Post smart, short videos (best if they are up to 25 seconds in length) on Facebook in order to use this natural - and, mind that, - completely free (at least, for now) competitive advantage. Leave your competitors behind!


Native videos will be shown to more of your followers than the average posts, even without being boosted.


Mistake 8.  You do not plan your posts


Be consistent - that is the best advice you are going to get. Make sure you are ready to implement a consistent strategy.


Make sure you have enough will to post something and update your page couple of times a day, and the content you are posting is of highest quality.


Otherwise don't even get started.


Mistake 9. You ignore complaints


Reviews from the past customers are an essential part of the process of promoting one's brand. And, unfortunately, the path is not always laid with roses - sometimes you are going to receive some complaints, too.


The complaints themselves are not that big of a deal. What is important is how you deal with them.


The best way to react, regardless of the critique type, is a sincere apology and offer to connect with the customer directly to find solution to their issue.


Leaping back into aggressive defense won't help your company's image.


10. You fall into routine


In order to be successful, do not forget to vary the topics of your posts and type of the content you are posting once in a while.


Combine text with video, photo and audio material. Do not be afraid to experiment and discover new ways to boost the customers' engagement with your brand.


Be original and funny, but meaningful - and your fans will love you for it!

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