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Seven Tips to Promote Your Brand With Email Marketing

Email marketing is pretty close to marketing in social media, and can even bring you the sizeable benefits if you incorporate it with your social media strategy in a right way. If you combine these approaches, your results will multiply.


Some of you might say that email marketing is old news and nobody even keeps the email listings anymore, but thinking so would be a serious mistake for a marketer trying to seize every possibility to promote his or her brand.


The research shows that most of the companies that decided to refrain from using email marketing to build Internet presence and made the social media the only thing they were counting on, would rarely get the growth and outstanding results they were hoping for while ditching the email marketing.


People still check their mail at least twice a day, so email listings may prove much more effective than you are used to believe.


There are several benefits that integration of your email and social media marketing strategies can bring you.


Let us name some of the most important ones:


1. It allows you to widen your reach


The more people interact with your emails (i.e. like or share them), the more results you get -meaning leads, conversions and the traffic overall.


2. You can find the opinion leaders


The analytical data received from your email listings (providers usually offer such data) can give you the info about the effect each of the people you are sending your emails to had on your website's performance. These data can prove very useful if you contact the aforementioned influencers and use them for your benefit.


3. You can widen your mailing list


As people share your emails more often, some new users might want to join, therefore widening the list of your subscribers.


Do you see now how effective can the integration of your mailing strategy and your social media marketing strategy can be?


We have assembled a list of tips that will allow you to go through the integration process smoothly and flawlessly:


1. Add the "subscribe for emails" option to your Facebook page


It is a great possibility to give your followers a possibility to make sure they get all the important news from you - missing a post or two on Facebook is easy, especially with the new algorithm, when your followers see 20% of your posts at best.


Add the sign-in form to your apps and see what happens - you will surely see your subscriber list grow consistently.


 2. Include social icons into your emails


This is another way to use one of your platforms for boosting another. If you have a powerful mailing list, but your Facebook page isn't that popular yet, why add some social buttons to your emails?


It will allow your subscribers become aware of your page in social media and give them an easy opportunity to become a fan.


Make sure the icons are stylish and noticeable, so your potential followers wouldn't have to go looking for them.


3. Motivate users to engage


Once you have added the icons to your mailing list, do not think your work here is done and you can rest easily.


Now you need to prepare for the next step, which is coming out and asking your subscribers what do you want them to do.


Do not shy away; offer them to become your followers openly, honestly and genuinely. Add a pinch of humor to it, if your niche allows it.


4. And then explain why they need to do it


If some of your subscribers are still unwilling to connect even though you have added the social buttons and asked really nicely, perhaps you need to commence the so-called dedicated campaign.


It is platform-specific; simply put, you will have to explain to your subscribers why your Facebook page is worth following and what benefits will they get from becoming your fan on Facebook or Twitter.


5. Do not make empty promises


Give your potential followers something in return if they agree to like your page and engage with your posts.


The specifics is not so important: it could be important and useful information, small gifts or discounts for the new followers.


The message - that's what is important. You need to show people that following you will bring them certain benefits.


6. Promote your listings in social media


You can do that in the pinned post, for example. Or, if you do not want to annoy your followers, remind them occasionally about the possibility of becoming your subscribers.


Do not limit yourself to Facebook or Twitter - explore the possibilities that Pinterest, YouuTube, Instagram and other social platforms give you.


7. Add the retweet tag


By using such a tag in your emails (for the specific, the most relevant quotes), you can  make the email go viral.


Give your subscribers an opportunity to share the thought or idea of yours that they consider valuable and interesting.


If you use this scheme to integrate your email and social media marketing strategies, your success is granted!

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