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Learn to Win with Facebook Videos

This year YouTube faces a extreme competition from Facebook that started actively promoting its personal video platform.  YouTube is still more than 10 times larger than Facebook, though. Moreover, it  wins in the matter of watching hours, so it would be best for marketers to target mainly YouTube.


However, Facebook video is growing fast, so you might want to consider including marketing on Facebook as well.


The pluses of Facebook's video is that the platform considers the video viewed after 3 seconds - and it can elevate your views greatly.


Moreover, now Facebook video gets more than 1 billion views a day.


That statistics - and almost 15 times increase compared to 2014 - demands a serious attention and calls to marketers adapting their strategy to include Facebook videos into their action plans.


You shouldn't place all the eggs into one basket. That is why we've decided to show you several ways to grow your brand with the help of Facebook videos.


Take a look at these easy and practical tips:


1. Use the analytics


Facebook analytics offers the data on every like, share and view your video gets. Just like YouTube analytics, it gives you a full picture of how your strategy works.


When you know how people react to each of your videos, you can do a lot to improve the performance of the new ones and also make changes to the existing strategy.


The insights you get from this analytics can be truly invaluable for building your Facebook presence.


2. Target the right audience


Facebook ads give you the possibility to pick the people you want to show these ads to. In the demographics settings you can choose the gender, age, location, even interests and behaviors. That allows you to show the ads to the people potentially interested in them without wasting your money on the audience that's not going to buy your products anyway.


Be sure to conduct a research in advance so you can determine the targeted audience for your brand. Then you'll be able to increase your productivity greatly.


You can also reach the people who've already visited your website on Facebook, too.


To reach this audience, you need to set up a Facebook pixel at your website and then create a custom audience. You can choose the parameters for the people you want to target.


3. Do the scheduling to reach more people


Most businesses that are just starting establishing a presence in social media, trying to advance their brand via the Facebook videos, do not have a full-blown SMM team and thus cannot publish all of the posts in real time.


Here's when scheduling comes into game.


By scheduling your posts, you can organize the videos in the necessary order and also make sure your profile gets updated even when you are away on vacation, for example.


4. Turn your videos into ads


Since you are creating Facebook videos to endorse your brand and promote its products or services, think about paying for the promotion of the videos thus boosting them and making sure more people from your targeted audience get to see them.


While on Facebook's ad creation tool, simply click get video views.


The process of acquiring views this way is fast, easy and painless.


5. Check the video distribution settings


To control the way your videos are distributed, you can use several instruments provided by Facebook. The settings you can choose are the following:


- Publish to News Feed;


- Prohibit third-party embeds;


- View and manage secret videos. 


6. Check the retention analytics


Facebook offers you an option to determine the point in video where the most of your viewers get bored or irate and thus stop watching it.


By using this feature you'll learn what is that your audience prefers and will get the possibility to learn attracting more attention - and keep it for a longer time period.


7. Make the campaign-specific videos expiable


Some videos are good and useful only for a certain period of time - we're referring to the campaign-specific videos that you do not want to be stuck into your archive for all the clients to see and possibly share.


For such videos, use the method of setting an expiry date - this way you can guarantee the unwanted video won't pop up in your followers' news feeds.


8. Attract attention with captions or text


By default the videos that autoplay in the news feed of a Facebook user do so on mute. However, you can use text (for example, subtitles) to capture attention of the viewer and get him or her interested enough to get engaged.


And subtitles are useful even for those who have already decided to watch the video - small but pleasant extra perk.


9. Make a good thumbnail


The stilled images that appear in the feeds of people who decided to turn their autoplay off, need to be of a highest quality.


These images are called video thumbnails.


With Facebook ad creation tool, you can choose from the existing ones ore if need be upload your own images to play the role of such thumbnail. 


This is another way to attract your audience - so think twice before making a final choice.


Do not exceed the recommended length which is 90 characters.


10. Create a video library


By creating a Facebook page you also get a possibility to start a video library to manage all the video content you are posting.


Look under the publishing tools tab to find the library.


You can conduct the search among your videos by title, date of the video being uploaded, description etc.


You can also edit and delete the previously posted videos.


11. Make embedding easy


You need likes, that's true. But shares are much more important, just as embeds. They help making your content viral, so you need to try making embedding your videos as quick and easy as possible.


There is an API for the Facebook Embedded Video Player. It was introduced in December. With it, embedding became easier, plus the API added the options of customizing the player for the videos that you are publishing.


Facebook also made sure the API supports the oEmbed standards.


12. Remember about your best videos


Facebook also has the Top videos function that can show you which of your publications generate most of engagement.


You can range them either by date range or check all the time period. The data you'll receive will contain the full info on clicks, views, engagement, retention etc.


The option is very similar to the Top 10 content report offered by YouTube analytics. The principles are pretty much the same.


13. Use the page insights


Facebook constantly expands the possibilities for page owners - and in 2014 it made a new step towards perfecting its metrics.


Now the page owners get the access to much more than simple pageviews.


You get a lot of new possibilities: the number of views video got on first 25% of its duration and up to 100%.


You can also learn how many people did click on the video itself, which is vital to determining its real performance.


Another possibility is learning how different segments of your targeted audience reacted to the video in question.


You can divide by age, gender, location and interests - the traditional characteristics Facebook offers.


14. Use live videos with iOS


For proud Apple users down there, you can use an interesting feature that is specific for iOS. That's the "Live" that was introduced via Facebook mentions.


Now you can basically do it via Facebook for iOS, too.


The algorithm is simple - log in your Facebook for iOS account, choose Publish, then Live video, then proceed to writing a description of what you're going to broadcast - and that's all, you're all good to go! You can start streaming.


After the broadcast the video gets published on your timeline so your followers get to see it, like it and share it. Simple and pleasant!


15. Try the secret videos


With Facebook you can post videos accessible only via the direct URL, which can come in handy in many cases.


They cannot be traced via Facebook search and do not pop up in the news feeds. The only way to access them is to receive the link.


Take the Custom option via the Advanced tab and publish it clicking Add as a secret video. 


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