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How To Use Facebook To Promote Your Business

Facebook can provide marketer with a unique chance to build his or her brand's presence and attract thousands of followers from all over the world. Over 1,69 billion people are registered on Facebook, so it can widen your reach greatly and give you the possibilities you would've never thought of only few years back.


However, building strong Internet presence, even with the help of a social platform as powerful as Facebook, is not easy.


If you adapt the wrong strategy and approach to positioning yourself in social media, you may end up worse off than when you started.


In order to avoid damaging your reputation by wrong moves made by yourself or your marketing team, pay attention to some interesting tips that we have assembled for you.


These pieces of advice will help you keep your existing followers and encourage new people actively engage with your brand.


Take a look at the "musts" of every social media promotion strategy:


1. Interaction


You need to engage with your followers to remind them constantly about your existence and about the fact you are interested about their well-being.


React to the comments under your posts, offer different queries, questionnaires and quizzes to learn your customers' opinion on some important questions.


2. Purity


Keep your page clean and free from spammers. Block them ruthlessly and make all the efforts necessary to keep your page in good shape.


You can also set up some filters - both provided by Facebook itself and the external ones - to make sure the page is safe even when you're not looking.


3. Professionalism


Even though sometimes you can engage people with ease by being friendly and informal with them, remember that they are your clients in the first place.


Even though you can enjoy friendly chats and banter, they are still expecting you can solve their problems should those arise.


Do not let them down, or your reputation will be damaged permanently.


Also keep the professional tone to maintain credibility and support your image as a serious business.


4. Updates


Remember to update your content regularly and keep it relevant and interesting for your followers, so they could make checking your page at least couple of times a week their rule, hoping to find something interesting.


Make sure all the links are working and double-check all the facts you are mentioning in your posts. That's also incredibly important for your reputation.


5. Giving back


We all know you are here to sell and not to give something for free, but an occasional giveaway can actually boost both your following and sales.


Make sure the process of announcing the winner is transparent and honest, and your targeted audience will trust and respect you.


6. Linking your accounts


Another important thing to remember is the necessity of linking all of your posts to Facebook - starting from tweet and ending with blog entries.


Automate this process to keep your page constantly updated and allow your followers to keep track of your activities.


7. Using ads


Marketing tactic is unfinished if you don't use Facebook ads; with new Facebook algorithm growing through organic reach is almost impossible.


Facebook ads are not that expensive, and they can bring you good results, if you learn to use them right and use their full potential.


8. Being open


Do not restrict the comments on your Facebook page - that's the worst tactic imaginable. If you do not create an image of openness and trust, you cannot succeed in building connection with your followers and potential clients.


If people see you allow comments, they will believe you are genuinely interested in their opinion, and that is always a good thing.


Use all the benefits Facebook offers you almost entirely for free. Embrace the possibilities to widen your reach and attract new clients and business partners.


With our tips, building a sufficient marketing strategy that will help you accomplish all of your tasks won't be a problem for you.


Let us know what you think about the tips we have provided, in the comments below!

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