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How To Run a Successful Facebook Campaign

Promoting your brand online without the help of Facebook and other popular social platforms is close to impossible. In order to build a relevant Internet presence, you are going to need a smart and effective strategy of boosting your Facebook page, delivering great content and attracting enough followers to overpower your competitors.


However, starting out a Facebook campaign may prove difficult if you are new to the whole social media promotion business. There are lots of peculiarities that can boost your brand or ruin the whole campaign in the matter of hours.


To make sure you avoid the deadly mistakes an aspiring marketer can easily make during the Facebook campaign, we have prepared you a list of tips that may prove incredibly useful and effective.


They will arm you with the knowledge necessary to give you an edge over your competitors and turn your brand into a winner.


With these tips, you'll know where to start:


1. Communicate with your followers


The main focus of social media is interaction, so please don't be arrogant. Find time to build relations with your followers, learn more about them, get some feedback about your brand's work and use the chance to tell them about yourself, about your brand's voice and values.


Answer to the critique. Try answering in the comments under your posts, so people would see you care. Monitoring your brand's hashtag in Facebook to know what are people saying about you, and taking measures.


Remember about the importance of showing your fans you care about them and you are listening to them.


2. Hold contests and events


Giving people free things is a strategy that almost always works. So why are you hesitating to use it for your benefit?


Hold an event or contest once in a while, giving people what they want, attracting new followers and motivating the old ones engage more actively.


Be honest and make sure people really get the prizes they've won, otherwise it will be a disaster, not endorsement.


3. Share high-quality content


Promoting your page is impossible if there's nothing valuable there to promote. Since your primary task is to build a name for your brand and for yourself as a marketer, first you need to establish yourself as a professional and opinion leader in your niche.


You can achieve that by producing and sharing high-quality content. Think of the topics that are relevant to your followers and offer them some professional and mindful insight on the problems bothering them.


Show them your page is interesting and worth following, and in a short while they'll come to the conclusion your products are worth buying.


You can get enormous amount of traffic that way.


4. Endorse new followers


One more of your goals is to get as many people from your targeted audience as possible join the ranks of your followers. When you are new to all this Facebook business, it may prove pretty hard to get new followers in the beginning.


That is why a great way to get people to engage is to offer them something interesting and valuable for them.


It can be a small gift, a coupon or even the right to take part in the contest you're holding - doesn't really matter.


What's important, people will know following your page will bring them certain benefits, and they will be much more likely to engage with you.


5. Set goals


Knowing what you doing and knowing what exactly are you doing this for is extremely important for every marketer.


Moreover, if you are running a long-term campaign, at some point you will feel certain fatigue and insecurity, starting to wonder whether your campaign is going in the right directions. Such thoughts can truly poison your campaign, paralyzing you and intervening with your plans to make this business take off.


That's why you need to divide your big ultimate goal into several smaller ones. It will help you remember what you're fighting for and will also keep you updated on the progress you're making with the campaign.


6. Post consistently


A page is actively followed only if it's  updated regularly. A page with the last post from the last month or even the last year can prove to be an ultimate business and reputation killer. Which is exactly the opposite from what you are trying to achieve.


Create a posting schedule and follow it meticulously, adding new high quality posts couple of times a day.


Also make sure you use scheduling options and online tools so your page gets updated even if you decided to rest at some Miami beach in Florida and deliberately sank your phone in the sea.


7. Remember about the buttons and pixels


The more chances you give your followers to share you posts and otherwise engage with them, the better will your performance be.


That's why adding Facebook button to your website and a pixel (preferably the new one) to your Facebook page incredibly important.


Do not make people look for ways to like or follow your posts or your brand in general. Give them the possibility to tell their friends about you.


Use these 7 tips to build a supreme Facebook strategy and get the maximum returns from your campaign.


Do not hesitate to share your own insights on the matter in the comment section below!

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