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How to Rock Your Ad Campaign on Facebook

Facebook still has the best advertising system in the world of social platforms, so it would be a shame not to use it to your advantage.


However, not every brand knows how to use Facebook ad system and therefore cannot achieve really impressive Facebook results.


Facebook ad campaigns are costly, and you certainly do not want your money to go to waste, that is why you are going to need some essential insights that will help you show the best results with your promotional campaign.


We have gathered five tips that will make your ad campaign truly legendary:


1. Use Facebook insights


This social platform has a really convenient tool that can help you in studying your audience preferences, and it is called Facebook audience insights.


This tool mines the Facebook data and shows you potential followers based on existing ones. That means you can target more precisely and receive good results for quite modest amounts of money. Efficiency is the key to success.


That allows you to pay more attention on the ad's quality and not on different targeting issues and audience analysis.


2. Use unique ad for every group


Facebook allows you to create different advertising sets depending on the audience. That means creating two unique ads at the same time and target two groups inside of your targeted audience without any problems.


That is a great idea if you want to deliver your ad to the groups, members of which perceive your product quite differently.


And now you simply create two different ads and stop worrying!


3. Remember about the landing pages


Making a follower become your customer isn't easy. That is why you shouldn't connect ad to your website directly.


Reroute visitors to the landing page that can educate followers before starting pushing them to purchase your goods.


With landing pages you boost your advertisement effort.


4. Keep the visuals rich


First glance is still incredibly important. There are a lot of accidental people on your page - some silent followers, people who got to your page without intent, friends of friends and so forth.


Make sure that first glance motivates them to stay and come back again sometimes.


And visuals are a must for achieving that.


Use bright, relevant images that will motivate the users to take a look at the ad. Remember that you can only use 20 percent of the picture for words. Facebook policy, what can I say. 


5. Decide on strategy and budget


Thorough planning is half the victory. That also has a tendency of saving money that otherwise would've been spent in vain.


Facebook offers you an Optimized CRN tool that constantly beads Facebook for ad space - and for the cheaper price.


That will help you in avoiding the mistakes of others.


Creating a successful Facebook ad campaign depends highly on talented combining of the aforementioned five elements.


Before starting the work, determine the tempo, the optimal-minimal budget and so forth.


After that, you can focus on the project itself.


Facebook ad campaign constantly changes, however, with these five tips you will learn to adapt to any different situation. Or a difficult one, for that matter.  


Our tips will get you the best ad campaign ever!

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