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How to Make Your Brand a Winner with a Facebook

To turn your brand into a winner you don’t always need years of hard work in the field of promotion. With the help of a largest social platform in the world, your brand can become famous overnight.


This option is extremely valuable when you are scarce on resources and cannot allow a full-blown marketing campaign or even paid promotion options on Facebook itself.


Let us offer you five easy marketing zero-budget tips:


1. Leave your post no room for failure


Facebook has an analytics tool Facebook insights that can help you determine which of your posts are popular with your audience and which aren’t, and therefore – help you find patterns on which the posts’ success depends.


With Facebook insights, you can get full information on likes, shares and mentions of your brand and your posts.


The patterns you should determine and follow are:


- The topic of the post. Was it some limited offer? Sweet post about your brand’s lifestyle? Determine the subject first.


- Visuals. Did the post mentioned contain images or videos? If so, what were they?


- Engagement. Did it get many comments?


- Comment analysis. Can you get any helpful information from these comments to improve your performance?


After you gather and thoroughly analyze this information, you can build your marketing strategy based on the data received and patterns determined.


2. Create a high quality content


Posting often isn’t enough to be successful. To achieve results you must learn what your followers desire, what motivates them to engage with your posts.


Keywords are not enough for success anymore, too. People got much smarter over the years. Don’t post texts that have no actual meaning, where the only valuable piece is the title.  


You need to create posts that will contain new and useful information and therefore will be liked, shared and commented on.


Use the data gathered during the previous phase and analyze:


- Engagement leaders. Which of your posts inspired the most heated discussions?


- Trends. Which topics are currently discussed in your niche?


- Importance. How to make your posts useful to your followers?


With that, you will be able to use your most successful posts to generate new and even more successful posts.


3. Use targeting


Marketing on Facebook is almost impossible without the use of targeted posts. This option allows you to show certain posts only to the part of your audience that is supposed to be interested in the information they contain.


To use this feature, you need to reach 100 followers.


Once you do, you can target each of your posts to a certain audience based on:


- Location;


- Age;


- Gender;


- Level of education;


- Relationship status;


You can target your posts by going to Privacy option and turning targeting on. Then you’ll get a small icon in the bottom corner of your publisher.


Now your posts will be shown only to those who will like them.


4. Use the right timing


There is no point in creating high quality posts if your followers don’t notice them because they were working or sleeping when the posts were published.


That is why you need to pay attention to the time zones, working schedules, etc. Usually posts get more engagement early in the morning or during the night.


5. Use listing


Tie your posts to marketing emails to add more readers to your posts.


These readers will also be friendlier from the start since they represent your niche and already have working ties with your brand.


Through Facebook you can conduct a greatest marketing campaign of your life.


And, with our tips, even zero budget won’t stop you!

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