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How to Make the Most Out of Facebook Ads

Facebook is the main source of followers and traffic for a brand trying to establish a strong presence in social media. With 1.591 billon monthly active users and 1.038 billion daily active users, Facebook is the largest social platform in the world, and it is expanding quickly.


Most of these people spend at least 20 minutes on Facebook every day, and 72% of online adults are present on this website.


Facebook is also used by 91% of millennials (people who are between 15 and 34 years old).


Facebook stores more than 300 petabytes of user data.


Amazing, isn’t it? Wait while we get to the stats that are of direct interest to you as a marketer:


2.5 million of marketers are already present on Facebook;


57% of Facebook advertising budgets are dedicated to mobile.


Since Facebook has changed the algorithm it uses to show your posts to the people who are subscribed to your page, advancing your brand on Facebook has become extremely difficult.


Actually, with the new algorithm organic Facebook posts reach no more than 2% of your audience.


This means you cannot promote you page for free anymore.


However, you can build your ads strategy in a smart way, so that you spend the minimum money and get the best reach.


Facebook ads give you many possibilities to reach your targeted audience and make sure the ad reaches only the people who are interested in the information you are offering. You can filter the audience by the location, gender, age or interests.


Make sure you target your posts precisely and do not offer skateboards to people over 80. That would be a huge organizational mistake.


We’ve gathered several tips that can help you make the advertising campaign successful:


1. Keep it short and simple


This playful KISS principle is the basics of almost every PR strategy. You do not want your potential clients to get bored in the middle of the post and close the page without even getting to the main idea of your post.


To avoid that, you should learn to express yourself in no more than 90 characters so that people won’t have to slick More to read the full story.


This is extremely important since nowadays more than 40% of Facebook users visit the website from their smartphones or tablets.


2. Use images correctly


Facebook has a scanning system that won’t allow you to post an image more than 20% of which are occupied with text. That’s another argument for keeping your advertising messages and slogans short and simple.


Images should speak for themselves. That is why you need to pick only bright and high-quality ones.


Show the product or service in all their beauty. Make the customers want to purchase whatever you are offering. Get creative.


Do not think your logo is enough to sell your product. It is most definitely not. Showcase the best qualities of your product – and people will engage.


Use live photos of people being happy with your product – show the positive example.


3. Motivate people to engage


In order to succeed with your advertisement campaign, first you need to create a compelling call to action.


Which, basically, means talking people into buying your product or applying for your services. And we don’t mean lying.


You already know how good your product is. You know everything there is to know about it. Now you need to prove that to people who see your product for the first time – your goal is to ensure this time is not going to become the last one.


Explain why they need it. What good will it do? How will your product change their lives for the better?


Why do they need to click on your ad?


If you can manage answering these questions, your ad campaign is going to be extremely successful.


Meanwhile, let us know what do you think about the changes in Facebook algorithms and their ads, in the comments section below.


Let your campaign be great!

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