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How To Make Money of your Facebook ads

8 seconds. That’s exactly how much time you have when a visitor glances at your ad, to make him or her stay, click at the ad and buy the product. This means you have to take your landing page seriously.


So here are the tips that will make your Facebook ads irresistible.


1. Choose, which copy landing page - long or short – is suitable for your business


Decide on the goals of your company’s Facebook ads campaign and act accordingly. Depending on the goal, you will need either long or short copy landing page.


Short ones are good for short-term offers – exclusives, sales, webinars or events.


Long landing pages are usually used for more strategic goals. Whenever you are running are campaign for a new product or want to attract audience’s attention to certain problem that can be solved through your company’s product or service, choose the longer version. Of course, in these cases initial conversion will be lower, then with short copy lading pages. But it will grow steadily in time.


2. Use rich visuals


Did you know 65% of people are visual learners? That’s true, and that is a very good reason to include visual elements on your landing page.


Besides that, visual elements can break up the plain text on your landing page, making it look nicer – and making it more digestible. Lots of plain text can be a bit too hard to grasp at once.


Moreover, visuals stand for emotion and will bring more connection with your visitors. Colour signals are perceived at subconscious level: blue and green are calming and friendly, red alarms and calls to action, etc.


3. Keep it short and simple


You’ve probably heard about the KISS principle. To complicated information is hard to grasp, too, and leads to high level of bounces and low conversion.


Many brands make this mistake of complicating the message on the ad’s landing page. They overload the page with icons, drop-down-menus, pop-ups and unnecessary links. Remove all the information or clickable links that do not support the goal of your landing page.


4. Focus on benefits


To get high conversion and attract more visitors to your landing page, focus on solution your brand offers, not on the problem. Visitors are always pleased when the page answers their needs and desires. Therefore, they are more likely to return to the page and purchase the product offered.


Following these 4 tips – appropriate landing page, rich visuals, keeping it short and simple and focusing on solution – will surely drive up your page’s performance and your company’s sales!

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