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How to Get Better Results From Your Facebook Ads

Facebook is a vitally important tool for every marketer who wishes to succeed in promoting his or her brand in social media. This social media platform boasts 1,65 billion active users, and 66,1 percent of monthly Facebook users use it every day.


Therefore, Facebook offers great opportunities for the marketers who aspire to make their brands successful. However, getting the desired results might prove tricky.


With Facebook changing its algorithm recently in favor of paid posts, building a strong presence on the biggest social media platform in the world became difficult, as only around 20% of your followers get to see your regular posts in their news feeds, even if they regularly give you likes, leave comments and share your posts.


That is why you need to learn how to use the possibilities of paid posts and adverts that Facebook offers.


By investing a little money, you can get the results that will truly surprise you.


However, paid posts do not necessary yield you the best results. To achieve what you want, you need a proper strategy.


Many businesses do not understand the necessity of a proper strategy, but with our help yours won’t become one of them!


Here are three simple tips that will allow you to get more from your Facebook advertising:


1. Do not be afraid to experiment with ad types


Facebook constantly introduces new tools, features and ad types, and in order to become successful you need to pay attention to all of these updates.


Usually Facebook actively push all the new features and posts, so you’ll get an outstanding possibility to jump on this bandwagon and reap the fruits of additional Facebook promotion thanks to these new features.  


You can also use lead ads, which make it much easier to collect the customers’ emails.


Facebook is constantly changing, and learning to change along with it is the best strategy for a brand that wants to become successful.


2. Learn to use holidays and other significant dates


If you miss the opportunities to organize some interesting contest or a giveaway, you will bitterly regret it later.


Holidays are a great opportunity to expand your reach, get more conversions and raise the brand awareness with the help of your advertising campaign.


Christmas and the following holidays, Easter, Mother’s Day, Independence Day – all of those are your tickets to success if you learn how to use them right.


Also, you need to make sure you coordinate your paid campaign with the organic one to maximize your gains.


3. Get creative


The more creative your posts are, the more actively people engage with your posts – share, like, comment, etc.


Better engagement, in turn, means better click-through rates, or CTR, and that’s one of the main elements that define your overall performance and, later, sales.


If you manage to include enough creative elements into your ads, you can get as much as 30% more clicks on your ads, and that’s a great deal in terms of conversions, leads and traffic rerouted to your main website.


If you are hesitating about the ways of making your ads creative, Internet has plenty of online tools that may come in handy, like Placeit that allows adding videos or images right into your device image, and is very easy to use, or Adobe Post, which allows creating awesome graphs and different templates.


These three tactics are simple, but they are able to increase your performance exponentially, bringing you new customers and raising your brand awareness.


Try them in your advertising campaign and let us know how do you like the results, in the comments section below!

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