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How to Create a Successful Facebook Marketing Campaign

Facebook is the biggest social platform in the world, with 1.49 billion monthly active users. And it is still expanding at the rate of approximately 13% a year.


And as of 2012, 42% of marketers admitted that Facebook is invaluable for their business and promotion of their brand. Now these figures are much higher.


No wonder it's much smarter to have all that might on your side.


Facebook can provide with a lot of opportunities to reaching people even in the most remote areas of the world – from Shanghai to Alaska or Australia. You can reach people of different backgrounds, age, hobbies, gender and level of education. All of them are easily accessible, when you have Facebook.


That is why Facebook should become your primary marketing tool.


Now let us explain how to use it to your benefit. You won’t regret it!


Here are a few things crucial for commencing a successful Facebook campaign:


1. Facebook Insights


Facebook Insights can turn into an invaluable analytics tool, vital for building an effective marketing strategy and correct the mistakes right in the middle of the said campaign.


You can learn which posts get the most engagement, when are your followers most active, and what needs to be changed.


It would be wise to check your situation with the help of Facebook Insights at least once a week.


The main thing you’ll learn is how many people you’ve convinced to engage.


2. Discounts or contests


Let us be honest: people love the free stuff, and you can hardly blame them for it. That is why offering an occasional freebie or discount is a great way to grow your following.


For example, you can create special offers for those who liked your page and shared your posts.


You can also encourage devoted fans and the most active followers by offering them certain bonuses and expressions and signs of gratitude. Everyone enjoys to be recognized.


Creating contest is another way of widening your reach – just make sure they are truly interesting and the prizes are actually useful.


3. Using tabs


To use tabs in your campaign, edit them in the way that will allow you to keep the most important ones on top of the list.


You can also use custom tabs to organize your information on Facebook and improve your business performance.


Create special tabs for contests and promotions, for example.


4. Unique content


All the promotional efforts are vain if your page is boring and contains absolutely no useful informational save for discounts and advertising.


Your goal should be the page that contains the information beneficial for your followers and interesting to the experts and opinion leaders in your niche.


By the way, cooperation with opinion leaders who share your company’s lifestyle is another helpful way to generate lots of unique content.


Make sure you vary the types of content you’re posting, too. Posts containing photos or videos, tend to get up to 30% more engagement on Facebook.


5. Being active


No need to say, you need to update your page regularly and react to the events important for your niche.


However, you might want to try being active on other Facebook pages, too – enter the opinion leaders – so that their followers get a chance to see your posts, too.


But never spam – comment only if you have something relevant to add to the discussion.


6. Going for the real deal


Buying Facebook fans is a waste of time. They do not boost your sales or engagement – they are nothing more than a dead weight.


It’s like throwing money into the void. If you want to spend them with meaning, perhaps you’d prefer to go for ads.


7. Order Facebook Ads


After Facebook changed it’s algorithms growing your page organically became really hard.


That is why you cam boost your results by buying Facebook ads and making sure more people will see your posts and have a chance to interact with them.


Invest wisely, though, and always target your posts so that they are shown to those who can possibly like your brand and the products you’re offering.


8. Use other platforms to promote your Facebook page


If you have active accounts on other social platforms, especially if they have more fans than your Facebook page, cross-promote it there.


You can include link to your Facebook page in the description or, for example, add Facebook button to your main website.


9. Strategize timing


Time zones can sometimes make it difficult to find a right time to post. However, you need to monitor your followers and determine when they are usually the most active on Facebook.


Facebook makes internet marketing much easier and gives you endless possibilities. Make sure you don’t waste the chance you’ve given!


Use these 9 tips to rock Facebook!

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