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How To Build a Powerful Brand in Social Media

For a business that wants to establish a strong media presence, business Facebook page is a much-needed option. Facebook had recently broke a record of 1 billion users a day, so that is an invaluable resource that should not be wasted.


But simply creating a Facebook business page is not enough to boost your reach and build up a follower base.


Here are five secrets to using Facebook to your benefit:


1. Pay attention to the pictures


Let us start small. The first and essential step of establishing a Facebook presence is setting up a bright and representative profile picture. It needs to be easily recognizable and appealing to your followers.


Make sure it matches all the Facebook requirements, which are 180 pixels by 180 pixels. Check if the picture doesn’t stretch because of that.


Second step is enforcing it with a proper cover photo. It should match your profile picture and be of the highest possible quality. Requirements for cover photo is 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels tall. You can use free Canva template, layouts, and fonts to make the image more creative.


To make it more effective, you can add a call-to-action button at your cover photo. You can choose out of Sign Up, Shop Now, Contact Us, Book Now, Use App buttons. This quick fix can drastically leverage traffic from your Business Page back to your website.


2. Strengthen your page with apps


You can choose several apps that you want to add to your page in Facebook’s App Center. Installing them is really easy – you simply need to click the flag icon, proceed to the apps page and then select the option that will add the app to your page.


With that you easily customize your page with the Newsletter Sign up form.


To avoid making your page look messy, remember to organize your apps. You can choose up to two apps to show in the Tabs section. Make them count!


Any more of the apps will be hidden under “More” dropdown, so make sure you made a right choice.


Also fill in the About section as fully as you can to keep the followers informed.


3. Establish a schedule


Choose what content will you post and when will you post it.


Among the types of posts that receive the most engagement on Facebook are posts that get the most engagement. But too much photos and videos will irritate your followers.


That is why you need to mix your content. Add a couple text posts, then include a video, share some articles.


The main rule is to keep the readers interested.


Add a hint of mystique to your strategy.


4. Track your online sales


If you have included a Buy now button linked to your online store, you need to study the engagement and sales you got from it.


Use Facebook conversion tracking to learn how many people actually buy from you? Do your marketing efforts pay back?


If you set up your Facebook conversion tracking right, there will be no secrets for you!


5. Find other ways to promote your page


Include social media buttons to you’re About section and remember to make them easy to spot. Also, include the link to your Facebook page to your brand’s website.


That will help you to reroute some followers to your other accounts. However, don’t overload the page with links, or you’ll the exact opposite result.


You can also offer special events, sales or giveaways for your followers – a small trick to grow your fanbase a bit.


Make people engage, like and share!


Turn your Facebook page into a popularity-building machine with these 5 simple tips!

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