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How to Achieve Success With Facebook

If you are trying to boost your brand's Internet presence via social media, Facebook marketing should be your first choice.


As the biggest social platform in the world with almost 4 billion daily users Facebook is a great tool for someone ready to put some effort into building his or her brand a name among the potential customers.


But to achieve the goals you have set before you, you will need a strategy that will take into account all of your strong points and diminish the weaknesses. Only then you will be able to leave the competitors behind and truly succeed in what you're doing.


We've prepared a list of tips that will help you to use the marketing possibilities Facebook offers to connect with your targeted audience on every level.


Here's what you need to succeed in Facebook marketing:


Tip 1. Show you are a professional


A pinch of humor here and there never hurts. However, in order to build your brand a name you might want to stay as professional as possible.


Don't mistake professional for cold, though.


Tip 2. Connect


That's what social media are about - connecting. Do not stonewall your potential customers and followers, get there and interact with them as much as possible.


Tip 3. Make notes


Use your communication with the customers to study their behavioral patterns. Make note of which of your posts and views they like and which ones they don't and keep in mind the data received in order to use them later while developing your strategy.


Tip 4. Be easy to follow


Include the links to your other accounts in social media into your Facebook page description so that the people who are interested in your brand will have a possibility to become your fans on Twitter, Instagram, Google+ etc.


Tip 5. Create contests


Use human desire to get free stuff to promote your brand in the social media. Offer people some tokens of gratitude if they become your followers or like your page in Facebook.


Tip 6. Create your branded color scheme


In order to stand out, you will need to use your brand's colors in your profile picture and cover photo. Make sure they are both of a good quality.


Get creative and experiment with the photos but stay professional.


Tip 7. Keep the page clear from spam


Find the filters that will make removing the spammy comments from your page as easy as possible.


Keep your page clean - and people will see that you are a professional company concerned with your image.


Tip 8. Create great content


Content is the main thing that you are going to share with your audience. And on the quality of the content that you will create depends your brand awareness and the amount of followers you will be able to engage.


Tip 9. Respond to feedback


Always react to the feedback that people give you, even if it's negative. By responding you will show that you are mature and that you care about your followers and potential customers' opinion.


Responding helps you build trust and form a special bond with your customers. Show them you are listening.


Tip 10. Update wisely


Don't litter your page with useless updates, photos of kittens and stuff like that. People don't want to see things like that in their news feeds.


Keep your updates meaningful or you'll start losing followers soon enough.


Tip 11. Don't forget about other social media


For some types of content Facebook isn't the best place for application. Remember that Twitter is the best for short messages, Instagram - for photos, and YouTube - for videos.


Tip 12. Use the buttons


Adding the Facebook button to your brand's main website is a great way to remind your site's visitors that they can show their affection by following you on Facebook.


Shop now button is also a useful addition to your Facebook page.


Tip 13. Groups are useful


Create a Facebook group for your business and use it to promote your brand in social media.


Tip 14. Don't close your page


You need to allow commenting on your posts and on your page all the time. If you are open, you motivate people to engage with you and become your followers and loyal customers in the perspective.


15. Experiment with the style of your posts


Do not keep your posts plain text or simple pictures. Vary the style of your posts but follow the general strategy.


With these 15 easy tips, you will see no difficulty in conquering Facebook and building a strong presence in social media.


Let us know how these tips worked for you, in the comments below.

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