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Grow Your Facebook Likes for Free

You have organized a Facebook page for your brand, but it doesn’t work? The likes did not increase, and the follower base shows no signs of growth?


They say that nowadays you cannot succeed on Facebook without using payed ads, but that is actually not exactly true.


It is true, however, that Facebook sharply decreased engagement in order to stimulate companies to pay for the ads. The launch of the so-called News feed algorithm was a way for the Facebook to increase its revenues.


After the introduction of this algorithm Page engagement fell to about 4%, and in December 2013 the brands’ organic reach dropped 44% in 12 days.


However, there still is a way for a Facebook page to get lots of engagement without paying a dime.


Here are 20 tips to increase your Facebook engagement for free:


1. Clearly decide what amount of followers you are rooting for.


2. Hashtags on Facebook are useless. Leave them for Instagram and Twitter where they can actually bring you an increase of engagement.


3. Share your other Facebook posts that are related in the comments under your latest posts.


4. Update your page often. The best amount of posts is 15 per day. That can get you more engagement overall, even if each post does not get much.


5. Don’t get too much third party software to manage your Facebook page. Most brands can be successful without them.


6. Upload videos and other Facebook stuff. It will raise the engagement.


7. Engage with your followers. Reply to their comments, like them, like posts or share them. Interact with your targeted audience.


8. Organize contests and offer prizes for those who take part in them.


9. Share your page with your mailing list.


10. Upload a Facebook widget or like button to your main website to lead more traffic to your Facebook page.


11. Use the Facebook analytics to learn which of your posts get more engagement than others and find out the algorithms.


12. Make sure you don’t post plain text. Posts that contain images or videos can get up to 35% more engagement.


13. Motivate your followers to interact, ask them some interesting questions, start discussions.


14. Invite friends that are already connected to you on Facebook to like your page. There is a special option for that.


15. Sometimes (on occasion) you can resurrect some old post you’ve shared several months ago and get some more engagement without effort.


16. Time your posts right. For that you need to analyze when your Facebook fans are online. That may vary depending on the country, time zone and age of your targeted audience.


17. Save the most important posts for Thursday and Friday – that’s when you get the most engagement.


18. Know your competitors. Study the Facebook pages in your niche that perform better than yours and find the patterns that give them the results.


19. Interconnect all your social media accounts with your Facebook page to increase the brand awareness and traffic flow. Invite followers from your pages that are more popular than your Facebook page.


20. Inform about your Facebook updates on your other social platforms to create a stronger media presence.


Although the News feed algorithm made growth on Facebook much harder to achieve without spending money on ads, there still are ways to increase it organically.


If you follow the twenty easy tips we offer, Facebook growth won’t be a problem for you anymore!

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