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Four Success Tips from Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg

This quarter has been extremely successful for Facebook, with its revenue going up to $4,5 billion in the 3rd quarter of 2015.


On the 4th of November Facebook delivered the results of its performance, mainly focusing on the aforementioned successes.


Apart of the revenue growth, Facebook now enjoys more than 1 billion users daily, and its videos get viewed around 8 billion times a day.


However, the presentation included some pieces of information that could come in handy to any person struggling to promote his or her business via Facebook.


Take a look a top four of them:


1. Combining Facebook and Instagram makes mobile reach skyrocket


Now, when Instagram ads became available for purchase through self-service platforms offered by Facebook, you can use this possibility to reach an extremely mobile audience.


Facebook's COO Sheryl Sandberg mentioned during the presentation that mobile devices amount to 25% of media time of most of the adult Americans. And 20% of that goes to Facebook and Instagram.


Sandberg emphasized that consumers are becoming more and more mobile. Businesses need to keep up in order to keep the control of the audience, and Facebook is inclined to help them with that task.


She stressed the importance of the Facebook pages as a mobile solution for businesses.


2. Videos are becoming a trend on Facebook


During the September 1,5 million small businesses posted at least one video on Facebook.


That means that since the April video views have doubled.


Sanberg told that with Facebook posting videos is not only easy, but also cheap, which means that small businesses have a great possibility to use this option to reach their customers.


That is also the case for larger businesses who can use Facebook videos for their own TV campaigns, for example.


Videos on Facebook give the marketers unimaginable reach.


3. There are new ways of advertising on Facebook


For example, IKEA used the carousel ads for the period when their retail stores were closed and for $35 000 of investment they got $2 000 000 in online sales.


Their plan to boost online sales while the stores were closed worked like a miracle.


Such things strengthen the brand and provide a lot of interesting insights into the customers' psychology.


4. Dynamic Product Ads are a blast


In February Facebook has launch a new paid option named Dynamic Product Ads. This option allows brands and marketers to load product catalogs into Facebook ad environment.


And it is already paying off - the results are comparable to the results of paid search.


Facebook plans on continuing the development of Dynamic Product Ads.


Here's what you can learn from the Facebook presentation.


Use these tips to benefit your business!

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