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Four Secrets to Using Facebook Ads Effectively

With Facebook ads, marketer trying to promote his or her brand receives a wide variety of different possibilities and highly accurate targeting options. The amounts of tools you can use is astonishing.


Choosing among these options - one or the other - may seem easy, however, mastering them can prove to be quite a task.


In order to use Facebook Ads to receive the much-needed conversion, leads and to reroute more traffic from Facebook to your own website, motivating both existing and potential customers to make a purchase, you need to learn several tips to create ads that will truly work wonders for your brand.


The algorithm of Facebook Ads differs from the majority of pay per click ads you might be familiar with, such as Google AdWords, for example. Facebook Ads don't use the connection between the keywords and the search queries customers write.


Facebook Ads choose to show people different ads based on the aforementioned people's interests, age, gender, location and even web behavior. This accounts for more precise targeting and leads to better sales, since your ads are only seen by people who are potentially interested in your product or services.


Facebook Ads are also cheaper than most of the ads marketers can buy in social media, so more and more brands are moving their advertising campaigns to Facebook.


We have collected four tips that will help you learn how to use Facebook Ads effectively and achieve the desired results smoothly and quickly:


1. Innovate and follow the trends


Following the topics that your followers and potential customers are interested in is vital for creating and effective advertising campaign and selling your product or services to people who will return to your store again and again.


There is a little secret to always staying in the trend and being able to see which things are going to go viral and trending.


It is called Facebook IQ, and  it offers you the full and comprehensive data on the customers' behavior. The thing you are looking for is the Topics to watch, which has been introduced not so long ago.


You can receive monthly insights and with this information make your ads more and more effective, reacting to every change in the customers behaviors and trends in social media. This tool is truly invaluable.


You will get six topics that were growing over the year and have the substantial potential to continue doing so.


If you add these topics to your advertising campaign on Facebook, it is going to become much more effective.


Facebook IQ is a great way to always be in trend and leave your competitors behind, predicting the trends that are going to boom.


2. Count on video ads


Facebook is developing its own video platform, so it's high time to join the ride - you'll get much more opportunities with Facebook video ads.


Currently there are more than 100 million hours of video uploaded to the biggest social media platform in the world.


Using Facebook video ads while they are on the rise is an opportunity you don't want to miss - or you'll regret it dearly.


If the results you get from your video ads are poor, maybe the problem is you haven't optimized them for mobile. The share of mobile views in overall Facebook advertising have grown incredibly during the past year, and the trend is going to continue, so optimizing your video ads for mobile viewers is vital.


One important tip to remember, beside the keywords, is keeping your videos short and making the first seconds really colorful and engaging, because it is going to play without the sound in the Facebook news feeds of your targeted audience, unless they decide to turn the sound on.


So count mainly on visuals in order to attract new customers and make them interested in viewing your ads.


3. Beware of boosting posts


Even though by boosting your posts you get more exposure, and more of your potential customers get to see your ads, getting overexcited over this tool, however effective, might prove dangerous.


The thing is, by boosting posts you give the Facebook almost all control and the power to decide who sees your posts; the targeting options you get to control are incredibly limited, and that's not a good thing.


Happily, there are alternatives to the Boost Post tool, including the Facebook Power Editor, which allows you to choose targeting options more freely - from demographics to the type of device used by a potential customer.


4. Turn followers into customers


Even millions of followers won't make your brand successful if a significant part of them doesn't actually buy your product. After all, that's the ultimate goal of your advertising campaign - to sell your product or services to the people interested in them.


In order to achieve this goal, you can use the possibilities that Facebook remarketing gives you. With the help of this tool, you get to show you ads only to those, who were already showing interest to the sort of product you are offering.


It means less insignificant clicks that do not end in sales, less money spent on advertising and much better ROI for lower budgets.


Targeting your advertising campaign and tailoring to the exact audience you want to attract means better sales, better exposure, better perspectives.


With the help of these tips you will increase your brand awareness, expand your reach and turn your Facebook Ads into a tool of victory!

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