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Five Tips For a Killer Facebook Campaign

Over the last few years Facebook has become one of the most powerful tools that brands and marketers know of.


With Facebook you can reach customers from all over the world in a matter of seconds and make your brand go viral. Provided, of course, you use the tools that Facebook gives you in a right way.


Facebook offers great targeting possibilities, too.


So here are five tips that will make your Facebook marketing experience vivid and successful.


1. Post videos for more engagement


This year video content was one of the key types of content Facebook was promoting, so you might want to use this fact to your advantage.


By creating video content you can guarantee more people will see it, and you won't even need to pay extra money for it.


You can use images to attract attention, too, but they are no longer Facebook's priority.


Remember to keep your videos short: 25 seconds for each is more than enough to attract a potential customers.


2. Use the Facebook pixels


To use video view ads on Facebook you need to install a special conversion-tracking pixel to your website, otherwise this won't work.


This is pretty simple if you follow several necessary steps.


First, you need to log into a Facebook ad manager, then select Tools, and then Pixels.  That will give you the ability to create a custom code to be placed on your company's website.


After that, installing the pixel is extremely easy - and from now on, you will always get a report from Facebook when someone makes a purchase at your website.


Another useful option is the Facebook audience pixel that allows targeting users similar to your previous customers, called "lookalike audience".


3. Customize your links


To track the effectiveness of your ads, you'll need several tools that exceed the capabilities of Facebook reports.


First, set up the Google analytics on your website. If that one is covered, you will need to create custom URLs for the links you are posting on Facebook. There are plenty of services that can shorten the URLs to make them look better.


4. Test your videos


When you're intending to post a video, always double-check. And then triple-check just in case.


Testing is always crucial. Launch minimum two campaigns for the same video, targeting same customers with same videos. However, the headline must be changed.


Don't waste large sums of money - check which campaign performs better first.


Wait at least five days to decide, which one brings you more engagement.


5. Watch the analytics


You have a lot of reportable options on Facebook, among them:


- cost per view (CPV);


- cost per click (CPC);


- cost per thousand impressions (CPM).


Always pay attention to the analytics and fresh activity reports: check the engagement, cost and other types of data available.


Simply growing your following isn't enough - you need to know the efficiency rate, which basically means how much money you had to spend in order to attract these new followers.


Make sure your ads stay efficient and campaign - profitable.

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